Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Meta (Facebook): His tactile VR glove will be owned by another company

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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metaverse is the future, Who can even get rid of smartphones over time. And in this area, the tech giant wants to move forward, i.e. Facebook social networking site, which was for the occasion She changed her famous name to Meta in order to formalize her commitment. And Mark Zuckerberg appears to be making giant strides in this area, as we learned this week that they already have a haptic glove that makes it possible to feel things in the virtual world in the hand. But if the ad has anything to like, it might be marred by complaints from a company, making it clear that this glove is going to be their own!

In fact, as reported by The Verge media outlet, An American company called HaptX claims that Meta’s patent for gloves is its own copy. More precisely, the company, which has worked for many years in the field of virtual reality, often collaborates with engineers from Meta, explains this Many of the components of this glove will be carbon copies of it.

In her press release, she made it clear that she now wants “work with [Meta] In order to reach a fair and equitable arrangement taking into account [ses] Concerns, allow embed [sa] innovative technology in their future products.” Now we just have to wait for Meta’s reaction!

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