Trump’s comeback in 2024?

Do you miss Donald Trump? Get ready, because we haven’t finished hearing about it.

The Democratic activists who chose Biden as their candidate wanted to block Bernie Sanders, because he was not elected.

Americans who supported Biden knew they had not voted for an ideological and political monument.

They yearned for the return of calm, of normalcy, of decency.

industrial bend

In short, expectations of Biden were low.

But even these expectations were disappointed.

Not only does the man show visible signs of aging, but the real controversy prevails among the Democrats.

COVID has exhausted the population. Inflation is back. Guns are everywhere.

Is it too much to ask the ruling party to focus on what matters to the ordinary world?

Apparently yes.

noisy minority get up Within the Democratic Party, it is important to remove statues of Abraham Lincoln and define the police.

Next year’s midterm elections look bad for Democrats.

This is not unusual, but the loss of a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives will completely derail Biden’s agenda.

Worse, the ongoing demographic changes do not bode well for Democrats.

Over the ages, they have lost support in the rural areas and are gaining support in the big cities.

The problem is that an electorate stationed in cities where you win in landslide gives you very few seats.

The Republican vote is less nationally, but it is distributed in such a way as to increase the number of seats.

Increasingly, voters with a college degree are both Democrats and non-graduate voters who are Republicans.

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However, there are and will remain a much larger number of non-graduates.

Democrats have long believed that poorly educated ethnic minorities can make up for it.

But uneducated Latinos turned to Trump in astonishing proportions in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is more under Trump than ever.

Not only does he control planes, but Republican voters are showing no sign of wanting to get away from him. Quite the opposite.

A recent Marist College poll for NPR and PBS shows the extent to which Republican sympathizers have swallowed up his delirium.

Two out of three Republicans say they have little or no confidence that the election is fair.

Three out of four Republicans believe Trump was right to challenge the results of the 2020 election.

Only one in three Republicans say they would trust the results of 2024 (compared to 82% of Democratic voters).


All this paints a scenario that can be summarized as follows:

Trump seems eager to be a nominee and it’s hard to know which Republican can snatch the nomination from him.

If he wins, he will want revenge.

And if he loses, he screams fraud and is believed by the majority of his voters.


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