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TheThe announcement of his death surprises and saddens me. We had just learned that he had esophageal cancer. His death is sudden, and I can barely imagine how his biggest fan is feeling today.

We saw the excellent documentary Ladies in blue To what extent they loved Michel unconditionally. He brought it back to them, where he met their last one, hours after his performances. Hope we have a good idea to show this Claude Demers documentary in the coming days.

Michel Louvain, always stylishly dressed, of exemplary perfection and kindness, is first and foremost a singer: The lady in blueAnd the SelfieAnd the A certain smileAnd the good night my Love… but he’s also a man of TV, with over a million viewers every day crowded In a good mood, Late Afternoon at TVA, from 1986 to 1992.

Entertainment TV belongs to another era but it definitely marked its time.

We remember, of course, the tricks his friend Jacques Oger played with him. This song that Michel presented to his fans every day. The show’s success then earned him the title of MetroStar Gala’s male character for two consecutive years, in 1987 and 1988.

Then, midis hosted Radio Canada for two seasons at Lovin by requestComing from Place Laurier.

Share on TV kids Last December triggered moments of strong emotion. Michel Louvain burst into tears when he saw Melissa Bedard come and sing specially for him. But we also laughed a lot that night with Michelle Louvain who looked so well, which makes his death all the more surprising.

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to me In a good moodMichelle Louvain, hosted seniors in residence every day, an audience that is often overlooked, and ignored by our television today, except when we’re talking about the urgent situation of CHSLDs. This loyal audience needed their daily dose of good humor. By giving it to them, Michelle Louvain has definitely done a useful job, both on television and on stage.

Today I am thinking about the tremendous career of this guy. But I also think of all these people who are deprived of their dose of happiness.

Details of Michel Louvain’s death.

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