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Ottawa will enable 90,000 foreign students and workers to obtain permanent residency

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Keen to revive the economy, the federal government is opening the doors to immigration and giving temporary persons a chance. Federal Immigration Minister Marco Mendesino announced the opening of a new highway that will allow the 90,000 temporary foreign workers and international students currently on Canadian soil to obtain permanent residency.

However, the program does not apply to workers and students in Quebec, which is the only province responsible for selecting people who wish to immigrate to its territory.

However, Minister Mendicino indicated that he was still working closely with his Quebec counterpart, Nadine Girollet, to find “concrete solutions” to supply all the workers and immigrants Quebec needed. “The door is open, and I am always ready to discuss Quebec’s participation in this special policy,” said Mr Mendesino in French.

A major role”

Starting May 6, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will begin accepting files from temporary workers in the health sector (20,000 applications), and from other essential occupations (30,000 applications), particularly in the agricultural sector, and those of temporary workers in the sector. Health. International students graduating from a Canadian institution (40,000 applications). Minister Mendicino confirmed that some places will be devoted to francophone and bilingual candidates to breathe life into French-speaking communities outside Quebec.

To be eligible, temporary workers must have at least one year of Canadian experience in a career in the health field or in a sector deemed necessary on the government list. For students, they must have completed a Canadian Post-secondary Diploma within the past four years.

On the one hand, the federal government, we are doing our best to facilitate, and on the other hand, there is a logic that complicates everything

“These new policies will allow those in temporary status to plan for their future in Canada, play a major role in our economic recovery and help us rebuild better,” Minister Mendesino said in a virtual press conference. “Our message to them is simple: Your condition may be temporary, but your contributions are permanent – and we want you to stay.”

With its new fast lane, Canada hopes to be able to meet the immigration thresholds set out in its 2021 immigration plan, which will welcome 401,000 new permanent residents into the country.

Frustration in Quebec

The federal government’s announcement made many people jealous within the Quebec immigrant community. For Thibaut Camara, who represents Le Québec c’est nous aussi, many people are disappointed that Minister Girolt did not accept the hand offered by Ottawa. He said, “It’s a shock.” According to him, this refusal by Quebec to pursue the lawsuit with the federal government says a lot about the way the Legault government views the immigrant contribution from here. “It’s heartbreaking and embarrassing. We understand that Quebec is prepared to sacrifice its health system and its economic recovery just to fulfill its commitments to lower immigration thresholds.”

Pour Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, le président de l’Association québécoise des avocats et avocates en droit de l’immigration (AQAADI), ce program fédéral vient malheureusement creuser le fossé quant à l’accès à la résidence et permanente entre le québés form Canada. It is believed that Quebec missed the boat again. “On the one hand, the federal government, we are doing our best to facilitate, and on the other hand, there is a logic that complicates everything,” he said.

The Table de concertation appeals to organizations serving refugees and migrants in Quebec to “participate in this effort”. “The frustration of potential candidates who live here is real. Many will want to settle elsewhere in Canada to gain access to the program,” believes program director Stefan Richold.

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In Minister Girrault’s office, she simply reminds us that the power to choose immigration in Quebec, in accordance with its agreement with the federal government, is exercised “according to [ses] Needs and respect [sa] Ability to reside. ”The CAQ government, once in power, was also said to have modernized the system to meet Quebec’s economic needs.

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