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NSIt’s February 5, 2022. I’m at the top of the Beijing Olympic track, and it’s my third. I’m about to go to the final to get a medal. I feel ready and calm.

My family is in Mont Saint-Sauveur to watch me walk the slope. No one has been able to make the trip to China this year because of the epidemic. It’s okay, I was ready for it.

Audible departure. I do my best in my life. The result was revealed and is unambiguous. I’m defending my title and being Olympic champion for the second time in my career.

Well, let’s push the game and dream a little. Of course, if I was asked to describe my ideal Olympic day, it would end with two of my teammates by my side on the podium. Imagine the end of a fairy tale: a Canadian trilogy.

NS ‘I’m sure I’ll come in Beijing to win. It hasn’t changed since the last games. I already know that I will be one of the favorites to win the gold medal.

However, the pressure will not be as strong as it was in 2018. At the time, Olympic gold was the only thing missing from my record. You have heard a lot about this famous gold medal. It put a lot of pressure on my shoulder.

I have a good chance this year to defend my title and I hope to get there. But gold, I already won it once. It will not be taken from me. I will remain the Olympic champion for the rest of my life regardless of the outcome of 2022.

I feel it would be a lot less stressful. I also want it to be less.

The first two qualifying sessions will take place before the opening ceremony. Of course, the day before, I want to have a good training. I want to be on the starting line, and ready.

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If I had to do a second qualifier, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I want to be confident and keep it simple.

I want to make the days before the race a little morecheerful than they were in Pyeongchang. Not that he didn’t do well there, but I want to feel less pressure.

Mikael Kingsbury at the PyeongChang Games

Photo: Getty Images / David Ramos

TheThe day before the final, I will play blackjack with my teammates.

I will definitely be able to compete in the cards. I often win, but the night before the races I seem to have less luck with me. I actually think I like to be lower quality in the cards to keep luck on my side in the race. ha ha! I’m kidding… You know I always do my best.

Then I’ll go and sit quietly in my room and listen to something on Netflix. Nothing in particular…what I want to watch at the moment. The day before the final in Pyeongchang, I watched the movie Snowden. It had nothing to do with gaming, that was the point. I have to go to bed late to get up as late as possible the next morning.

Our competition takes place in the evening, so I’ll be going all day before the event. I would probably go play soccer or volleyball with my village mates, and make the final preparations on my equipment. I’m going to call my dad, mom and friend one last time before I go racing.

I hope I’m comfortable. It’s a good idea not to just think about skateboarding. In the Olympics, it’s easy to get caught up in the game and focus on it a lot. I know the days before the races can be busy thinking about it every two minutes and I want to avoid that.

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I remember in 2018, an hour before leaving the village, the thought of skiing almost made me sweat. This year it will be different.

The free skater makes a jump while landing.

Michael Kingsbury

Photo: Getty Images/Cameron Spencer

WLOnce the competition starts, you don’t need to win the first few laps. I just want to advance to the medal stage. Everything would be better if you could drive every time, but even in an ideal scenario, it doesn’t matter. It’s really the last final, with medals on the line, that I want to win.

I’m sure if I’m the last to take the plunge, in terms of strategy, that’s a plus. It’s a good situation, especially for me. But this time, I’m not putting pressure on myself to get there. The important thing will be to gather as much information as possible for the final landing.

I also hope that the best in the world is at its peak. France’s Benjamin Cavett, Australia’s Matt Graham, Japan’s Ikuma Horishima… I love it when those I share the world’s top skate do best. It also allows me to cross the line. I’m a competitive guy so I don’t want it to be easy.

It is better to win when everyone is at their best. It really proves that you deserve your medal.

At the same time, I’ll also be against the track. I know I can win any day of the year. Others shouldn’t distract me.

It will also be special for my teammates, they will all be Olympic rookies. I wish them to be happy with their results, and for the Canadian team to do well.

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I can’t wait to try it out with them.

The free skater makes a jump.

Michael Kingsbury at the PyeongChang Olympics

Photo: Getty Images/Laurent Salino/Agence Zoom

NSIn 2018, what I couldn’t wait to do after winning was hug my coach and parents. This medal was also a medal for them. They were always there for me.

After that, it was the big round of interviews with the media. I imagine that this time, with COVID-19, we won’t be able to celebrate for long. We’ll have to pack up quickly and head home. correct. After a gold medal, it’s always nice to come back to Quebec and see everyone.

I find this a shame for my teammates testing games for the first time, but it will give me a different experience.

With a gold medal, the trip back will be fun and I will be able to take advantage of the Olympic holiday to celebrate with my loved ones (procedures permitting).

I remember my victory in Pyeongchang. I know that feeling comes with you when you win the Olympic gold. I hope to make it again on February 5th: Lift my sledge in the air and be the happiest man in the world.

The free skater raises his arms in the air and smiles.

Mikaël Kingsbury savors his foray into gold at the Pyeongchang Games.

Photo: Getty Images / David Ramos

Interviewed by Alexandra Becchet

Banner image by Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images

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