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Mike Pompeo was suspended for moral violations while he was Secretary of State

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These accusations are the result of internal investigations that sparked heated debate when former President Donald Trump was sacked in May 2020, at the request of the then Secretary of State, the inspector general who had just come from “ opening this investigation. ”

The investigation continued, including after the departure of the Republican administration in January.

2024 presidential elections

His result comes when Mike Pompeo is already involved in an unnamed campaign with the goal of possibly running for the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential election. Biden.

The Inspector General’s Office found that Pompeo had entrusted him more than 100 times Personal tasks to me An agent recruited according to political standards and other officials in the Secretary of State’s officeAccording to the report.

These requests are inconsistent with the State Department’s ethics rules The US government believes the inspector, whose services is in charge of the independent monitoring of the exercise of authority by the head of diplomacy.

Last year, Mr. Pompeo ignored such suspicions as crazyAccusing the inspector who opened the investigation, Steve Linnick, of being A. Sinister actor – to better justify his dismissal.

He walks his dog

According to the report, the couple in particular requested A. Advice Walk your dog and make over 30 restaurant reservations for special meals, such as a Sunday brunch at a restaurant The Cheesecake Factory.

Susan Pompeo also asked State Department employees to consider getting gifts for their hosts when they were invited to the home of a television reporter or political commentator.

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Same application for a memorial shirt for the daughter of a religious personal friend in Ukraine.

Additionally, the inspector indicated that their son Nick Pompeo took advantage of a discount usually reserved for government employees in a hotel room, when he was accompanying his parents at a US football match presented as an official trip.

Fox Commentator

However, the report does not recommend any punitive measures against Mike Pompeo, who was recently recruited by conservative Fox News as a political commentator.

Democrats have accused the former secretary of state, who is most loyal to Trump, repeatedly of using his office for political purposes, including when organizing dinner with senior conservative donors and donors at the State Department.

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