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MLB: Cody Bellinger produces a winning run in the ninth inning, sends the Giants on vacation

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Cody Bellinger had a productive song early in the ninth inning, and the Los Angeles Dodgers held out the San Francisco Giants 2-1 in the fifth and final game of their NBA division Thursday night.

The Dodgers take the lead at 9!

Ice player Max Scherzer stepped in and took the missing three hits to confirm the victory of the Dodgers, who join the Atlanta Braves in the championship series. The first match will take place on Saturday.

This is the sixth time in the last nine seasons that the men of reigning world champion Dave Roberts have advanced to this stage in the post-season calendar.

Bellinger had only three hits in 14 home games in that series and pushed Justin Turner to the home plate.

The hotly contested match ended on a bad note, as first base captain Gabi Morales ruled that Wilmer Flores had thrown Scherzer’s throw, at the expense of zero ball and two hits.

It was clear from the video replay that the giant hitter was able to hold back his momentum. However, the rulebook does not allow such a call to be reversed from an official.

Chris Bryant was at the time on the first board, and he threatened to score a point that would tie the score.

Mookie Betts hit a career high with four strokes for Los Angeles.

In the ninth inning, softener Camilo Duvall reached Turner after the hit. Gavin Locks hit one hit before Bellinger had the biggest hit of his season.

Corey Seeger gave the Dodgers a 1-0 lead in the sixth inning with a double, but Darren Rove immediately equalized the game after a very long throw at the quarterback.

Logan Webb was sexy in the first game of the series, which the Giants won, and he was true to himself. Only one run, four hits and one walk in seven runs were allowed on the hill.

On the Dodgers’ side, it was right-hander Corey Nebel who started the game in place of Julio Orias.

Urreas, who has scored 20 wins this season and provided in the Dodgers’ win in Game 2, interfered for four rounds, allowing Rove the long ball.

Kenley Jansen inherited the victory from his work on the hill in the eighth inning.

The Dodgers were forced to hold the final 7-2 on Tuesday.

On the MLS side, the Houston Astros will face the Boston Red Sox in the Championship Series.

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