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Modern Warfare 2: Its new mode has become more accurate thanks to leaks

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Since the officialization of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, all the hopes of players have now been focused on the latter, and if official information is still missing, it was without relying on insiders. Call of duty Who are happy to share what they already know about authorshipInfiniti import.

It’s no secret but Infinity Ward has decided to get rid of one of the modes that is very popular with players, the Zombies mode.And that’s been for several years now. Modern Warfare 2 will be no exception to the rule Because it seems that the developers have already found it Replace it by setting “DMZ”.

Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode reveals more

The situation called DMZ has been featured for several weeks already, according to various leakers’ statements including TheGhostofHopesimilar to the title Escape from Tarkov from Battlestate Games. In the latter, it will be all about tactical extraction, so players will have to juggle efficiency with stealth. In fact, all the loot they recovered may unfortunately be lost.

According to the latest information from TheGhostofHope On Twitter on May 6, DMZ mode will be released in beta first Because, according to him, this is an important situation that will require heavy maintenance but also player appreciation.

However, even if this is information from TheGhostofHope, it still needs to be taken with caution, because These are just rumors at the moment.. However, if this mode really proves to be true, it could bring a breath of fresh air to licensing and bring in more new players.

impending revelation

We should find out all this soon, because according to the latest information, we will have the right To the Modern Warfare 2 trailer but also to the first gameplay visuals Taken from the story mode.

According to a report by Tom Henderson, June will already be very busy in terms of Call of Duty news because on June 2, we should have the reveal of the official trailer, next June 9, its first gameplay images, and in August and according to his sources, it appeared First images from Multiplayer mode.

Anyway, it’s only days before we find out more, and unlike older authors, the latter should appear on our devices and consoles for October 2022.

While we were entitled to Call of Duty: Vanguard in November 2021, the latter did not meet Activision’s expectations. However, with the announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, we hope the licensing will start again.

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