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Monique LeRoux says the Biden government is bringing stability

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The government of the incoming US president, Joe Biden, will certainly have “pro-American” priorities, but that won’t prevent Ottawa and Washington from being able to debate, believes Monique LeRoux, who recently submitted to the federal government a report outlining the advice on Canada’s industrial strategy.

M. said. The election of the Democratic candidate is “an overall good thing.”I am Lero Monday during an interview on the sidelines of a speech by Canadian Club Montreal. “We will find with the Biden government not people who always agree with Canada, but people who will be able to discuss and talk with and spread their agenda with more serenity, experience and expertise.”

“About the Biden government we see very powerful people, I think for example Mr.I am [Janet] Yellin », Det M.I am Lero, Chairman of the Desjardins Movement from 2008 to 2016. “It is very comforting because if I leave the relationship with them a little aside, the world can count on a little more American government – we will not hide it – more stable, able to communicate, propose, and re-establish dialogues about The world, and this in itself is good news for the world, and good news for Canada. […] Will they adopt a pro-American agenda? It is for sure and certain. This does not mean that there will be no conversations possible. “

The new US president signed an executive order on Monday to tighten US purchasing rules to bolster America’s manufacturing base. Ottawa has experience dealing with US protectionism, but Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said in an interview with CBC.

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Another positive point for Canada, according to M.I am LeRoux: The United States reinstated the Paris Agreement to combat climate change. A few days ago, Bank of Canada Governor Teve McCallem saw the seeds of a continental energy transition plan that could create “business opportunities for companies on both sides of the border”.

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