Montreal Canadiens offer hope

Cheers, flags, fog, masquerade and fireworks, fans did everything they could to give strength to the players. And it worked, as CH won this fourth game of the Stanley Cup Final In extra time, 3-2.

They are also a few dozen meters away from them on the ice at Bell Center.

The first goal kicked off this evening full of hope and increased tension. With each attack from the Canadian, the Florida team responded until they tied at the end of the organizational time, 2-2. In overtime, CH offered the right to continue his story in a Stanley strike, thanks to Josh Anderson’s second goal in this match.

consist, on stilts, in a suit and tie in blue, white, and red colors or even helmets like a GoalkeeperEveryone used their imaginations to entertain themselves in the best possible way this evening.

During the extension the tension was high until his release. Hundreds of supporters let their joy explode, too many for the police to attend.

At the end of the match, the audience’s fireworks created a moment of distraction, which increased as SPVM intervened.

Supporters who are hard to calm

A few minutes after the end of the match, tear gas was fired from avenue de la Montagne, temporarily scattered avenue Canadien de Montreal. The police ask those present to move and not stand still.

The SPVM’s intervention group, in close rows, pushed most of the crowd toward Stanley Street, in order to free up space so that spectators from the Bell Center could leave.

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The crowd dispersed towards Rene Levsk Street, and several more bursts erupted. A rally was set up in the middle of the street to block traffic for a few minutes. Police teams tried to push people back toward Dorchester Square and then into the city center by capturing Peel Street. The Mounted Police supported the cycling teams in their operations.

Traffic was able to resume at 11:55 p.m. You can hear the car horns and the roar of cars all over the city centre.

Note that the police encountered agitators who were not wearing blue, white, and red, if not little.

After the streets were almost completely emptied, the city’s cleaning teams began their work.

Around 00:30, calm was more and more present.

The series now travels to Florida for Game 5 Wednesday night. The Canadians are now only 3-1 behind.

The hope that motivated the fans is already there.

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