Music, poetry and photography by Cedric Langlois

What can we expect with love without words?

That’s all I felt. I did not write myself saying: I will do this concept. I like it to be very spontaneous, like a little abstract art, and then I put words in it and make a concept. That’s all I’ve experienced emotionally after a broken heart. Each song represents love, desire to leave, forget, sadness, hate, and acceptance.

What is your formation process?

When I write my songs, it is very spontaneous. I’ll start with some chords that will catch my eye and then I’ll stream songs over them. After that, I become very limited in the things I can say because there is my verbal coming out in mumbling.

When we write songs, we often see images in our heads with certain chords. I have these pictures all the time and I write about them a lot.

Why collect poetry? Simplexet accompanying album?

While we were recording the album, I had to wait for some musicians who had plans elsewhere. I am very creative. You need to get creative in another way. I try to make a paradox that love is very simple, but complex.

What about photography in all of this?

I started photography for movies because it put me in the present. I can’t see the pictures right away, I don’t have a judgment on what I’m taking. Played rolls of silver film. Then I synthesized that to try to understand what I wanted to say at the time. I looked at my pictures and wrote my poems.

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For this album, I was able to count on an important collaborator, Samuel Wagner. What was his role?

We have worked on this project for two years. it was hard. At first I was very emotional and emotional. I wanted to get this out really fast. With Sam’s help and experience, he taught me how to do things right and take my time.

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