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My Life in the Movies: Mark Labrich imagines himself as a “Bollywood Hero”!

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Tony Vaughn
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In the cinema he is the voice of Klaus in the animated film “Felix and the Treasure of Morga”, in theaters since Friday. On television, he is currently chairing the cultural program “Cette année-là”. So host and lead actor Mark Labrish lends itself, with all his humor and seriousness, to our questionnaire on the seventh art.

Mark, what are your first memories of cinema?

I get the impression that I am too old. Ben Hur, perhaps? Anyway, it was a big, long session, at CinemaScope, with a break. I had to be there with my dad who, during his calling day with me, Sundays, always summarized the day in three activities: “Brunch” with Aunt Merritt, he took me to the movies and then took me back to boarding school. My film culture is built into the little week, especially around Fernandel and Bruce Lee movies. So today, my fighting techniques boil down to performing amazing Sino-American twists with beautiful Mediterranean teeth.

Your first movie?

I hesitate between Mary Poppins and Donkey Skin. Very manly memories. Then there will be American films of the 1970s, including Al Pacino’s early films: “Afternoon for the Dog,” “Serpico,” and of course, “The Godfather.” Films by Werner Herzog, Fitzcaraldo with Klaus Kinski. Those from Truffaut. “Green Sun” movies, “Harold and Maude” (all of Hal Ashby’s movies), Kubrick’s films, “Journey to the End of Hell”, “Taxi Driver” and Scorsese movies … nothing original. “Narayama’s song” affected me a lot, too.

And newer?

Recently, it was my tremendous concern – a movie fan in his spare time – suggested “Capernaum”, the jury prize at Cannes in 2018, which liked and bothered me. I have to ask him why next week.

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A movie that hit you when you were a kid?

Planet of the Apes series. But my trauma was a happy one. I love suspense novels and I love monkeys. I was in shock, but a smile on my face. I haven’t changed since then.

Are you also optimistic about the future of cinema and culture in general?

I am optimistic about a more democratic broadcast on TV like, for example, “The Hidden Face of the Moon” on Télé Québec. There are also video recordings of the shows. All this is not perfect. But the books continue to be written, the songs that are made, the scripts written, and even they are turned over. I’d rather see the cup half full. There may also be an opportunity to redefine and represent what needs to be done. I dare to believe that the ministries of culture in our governments will have a little more leeway to help some companies and some creators and projects, hoping this is a given. […] There may be young people discovering theater through television, if it is interested in broadcasting a little more, if Radio Canada fulfills its cultural role.

Your first “kick” on the big screen?

I hesitate between Catherine Deneuve in “Donkey Skin” as a minister on “Planet of the Apes”. Two sensitive and determined women, one blonde and translucent, the other brown and hairy, opposing but irresistible.

The role that was made for you but was never offered to you?

Bollywood hero! why not?

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