When Jane Birkin introduced her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg

On the occasion of the screening of the documentary dedicated to Jane Birkin at Cannes Charlotte Gainsbourg, take a look at the mother-daughter presentation in our magazine in 1971 … With RĂ©tro Match, follow the news through the archives of Paris Match.

in the series ” First dates with the match Our meeting with Charlotte Ginsburg is a record. The first time that the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Ginsburg appeared on our pages, at the beginning of December 1971, the future actress was only four months old. Portrayed by Jean-Claude Deutsch in Budding, or All Smiles in her Mother’s Arms, Charlotte is “Birkin Ginsburg’s Greatest Tandem Match”, the title match. In their home on Rue de Verneuil, his parents also stood up to announce their return to music. Our magazine wrote in issue 1181:

Jane Birkin, the happy mother of four months to little Charlotte, recommences in January with Serge Ginsburg – they will marry in April – a collaboration that has brought them nothing but success; It is necessary to quote from their great victory “I love you, nor I” which drew upon their heads the wrath of the Vatican. She bombed them: “Degeneration,” a dance in which a woman turns her back to her passionately embracing partner: “Ah, you’re killing me – decadence has lost me. – My love say do you love me? The reactions of foreign producers to this song are tremendous,” says Serge Gainsbourg.

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Charlotte Ginsburg and Jane Birkin at Cannes

On Thursday at the Croisette, Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg presented the documentary Jane from Charlotte.. Screened out of competition at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, this intimate film started three years ago on the initiative of Charlotte, and follows the favorite Anglo-French woman in her daily life. This family project is above all an opportunity to bring together a daughter and a mother whose life is sometimes robbed, to evoke the happy memories of Rue Verneuil, their shared emotions, but also the agonizing absences of the deceased, Serge Gainsbourg and Kate Barry.

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