National Day: Tightly Woven But Far

Like last year, during the first wave of coronavirus, the 2021 National Day Show was given without an audience. Last year, an event broadcast simultaneously on the four French-speaking television channels of general interest, without an audience, was unheard of. This year, it has become almost as common as we have collectively learned to live in a world where no one has lived before.

In 2020, the Cojico Coliseum in Trois-Rivieres was selected. This year, Manoir Richelieu, in the Charlevoix district, was the main location for the event.

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If there’s one thing that sets this year’s show apart from last year’s show, it’s its supposed bias toward the delayer. Unlike in 2020, where the big concert was presented as if it was a live event from start to finish, this time everyone knew the broadcast was being fully taped.

In fact, June 22 was captured. Nobody can be fooled anyway. From the number one in front of Manoir Richelieu, at 8:05 pm, night fell, which was clearly not the case in reality.

If this editorial decision removed the charm of directness, it allowed director Jean-Francois Blaise to create great connections. We think of the opening of the show where Alexandra Strelsky (Ile de la Madeleine), Gregory Charles (Gaspezi) and Pierre Lapointe (Tadossac) played the piano in different places. Or towards the end of the event, when Vincent Vallier (filmed at the end of the afternoon, in Montreal) and other artists (filmed in the evening, in Charlevoix) man nothing. In 2021, technology must be at the service of artists.

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The other side of the coin: On screen we felt less of a bond between the artists than we did last year, to the point that many songs seemed to fit between ad breaks. Last year I really felt like I was watching a show being filmed live on TV. This year I watched a show that was filmed for TV. not alike.

Louis Jean Cormier plays the piano and sings.

Louis Jean Cormier on piano.

Photo: National Day / YAN TURCOTTE

Louis-Jean Cormier, Marie May, Sarah, Coeur de Pierte, Charlotte Cardin, Samien and Cornell formed the very current Quebec mosaic of presenters linking introductions, songs, themes, and tributes during the evening.

From the start, isolation, confinement, and alienation were evoked by purposeful songs. double shape by this is good And the Musician among many others It was mentioned. Other than that, as Louis-Jean Corner pointed out, Saint-Jean was an opportunity release bubbles.

who worked, with Robert Charlebois and Fierce one (tanned choo). The villain had to be freed from the start. In the process, the Les Trois Agreement (Everyone condoms) – Filmed in Trois-Rivieres – as well as Stevie Shock, with Mary May and Saramy (Everyone is sad), accompanied by members of the Cirque Éloize, several dancers and dozens of Quebec flags planted in front of the stage installed at Manoir Richelieu.

Mass migration from cities to regions was also on the agenda with away from the cityPaul Noir and Voyager, written by Jean Lellop, performed by Cornell and Gillen Tangway, who also gave us the chance to see global web star Damien Ropitel having fun on the tarmac at St Hubert Airport. good wink.

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– Many – Disappearances

Fireworks light up the sky.

The show ended with fireworks.

Photo: National Day / YAN TURCOTTE

Despite the genuine desire to celebrate, the show focused heavily on the missing and missing. Sometimes it was a venue, such as Les 2 Pierrots, a legendary Montreal establishment dedicated to the Quebec song, which served as context for the Songbox segment where Guylaine Tanguay (In my little house in the valley), two brothers (per wind), Johan Bloen (Sleeping Caroline) and France Damour (come dance) followed each other.

Sometimes it was the occasion to underline a great departure, as was the case for Raymond Levesque with an amazing duo (Johan Bleuen and La Bronze). When men live on love, as well as Michel Leuven, when six artists took over The lady in blue. Mario Belchat, that makes sense. Pierre Lapointe is almost the same parent. But Daniel Boucher? Fabulous! It was awesome. This has been increasing since Louvain himself was involved.

11,000 stars

Ray’s disappearance, artists have not forgotten the more than 11,000 Quebecers who died from COVID-19, as recalled by Samian and Charlotte Cardin. A copy of the brass piano the irony By Louis-Jean Cormier and assisted by Fred Bellerin punctuated by this moment.

Daniel Boucher, Janet Bertrand, Kim Thue, Myleene Beckett, Stanley Volant and Fabrice Vail gave the national pride speech, but we also got Raoul Dugway interfering whose jacket and bow tie were awesome, let’s say.

Daniel Boucher, guitar in hand, sings.

Daniel Boucher

Photo: National Day / YAN TURCOTTE

France had Johnny. We have MargoCœur de Pirate was launched to announce the arrival – by helicopter – of a rock singer who has come to sing illegal With Pierre Lapointe and Daniel Boucher. Access activated the show when my Twitter feed exploded after Cole Caufield’s goal in the second half of the Canadiens game. At that exact moment, it was party time everywhere in Quebec no matter if your TV was tuned to ICI Télé, TVA, Noovo, Télé-Québec, TVA Sports or CBC. Total!

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At the finish line, this National Day scene will be technically decisive, although less impactful than it was last year. Once again, we are entitled to the hearts of the artists, but not to the sweat of the spectators.

The stage of the show was set up in front of Manoir Richelieu.

Manoir Richelieu, in Charlevoix, was the main venue for the 2021 Quebec National Day parade.

Photo: National Day / YAN TURCOTTE

In 2022, let’s hope we’ll be in the thousands on the Plains of Abraham, in Quebec, on the Place des Festivals, in Montreal and everywhere else in the province.

Music is a wonderful, moving, and unifying thing. But in the context of the holiday – national, moreover – it also requires to excite people.

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