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net | Canadian women eliminated by centimeters

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(Beijing) Canada’s Jennifer Jones didn’t get the help she needed in the final session of the preliminary round of the women’s curling championships at the Beijing Olympics.

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Gregory Strong
Canadian Press

Jones and her teammates easily beat Denmark 10-4 on Thursday, giving Team Canada hope to break through the top four and advance to the semi-finals.

Those hopes faded after about 30 minutes when the results of other matches did not go in the direction the Canadians wanted.

Canada’s fate was sealed when Sweden’s Anna Haselburg defeated Eunjung Kim’s quadruple 8-4.

In the other two matches in the table, Great Britain defeated the Russian Olympic Committee 9-4 and Switzerland defeated Japan 8-4.

“It wasn’t enough,” Jones said. The sadness lies more in the fact that it is over. We don’t play anymore and that still makes me sad. »

On the men’s front, Brad Joshio’s quartet will have to make do with their bronze medal match against the United States on Friday, after losing 5-3 to Sweden in the semi-finals.

Facing a 4-3 dip and hammer at 10e In the end, Gushue tried to make a move that, if successful, would have allowed Canada to defeat Sweden and advance to the final. Instead, Sweden was awarded an extra point.

“I loved our chances of winning (our fate) in our hands. We tried our luck and failed to make it,” we analyzed Canadian skipping,

The United States lost 8-4 to Great Britain in the other semi-final match.

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In the preliminary round, Canada beat the United States 10-5.

Great Britain (8-1) and Sweden (7-2) are vying for the gold after being the top teams in the preliminary round.

Earlier today, the Canadian quartet concluded the preliminary round of the men’s championship with a 5-4 record, after losing 5-2 to Great Britain.

Both countries were already guaranteed a place in the qualifying and the Canadians could only finish anywhere in third place.

bad stats

In the women’s final standings, Canada ended a tie with Great Britain and Japan with a score of 5-4. However, Jones and her teammates were left out due to the poor average Canadian shots on target.

The result of a match between two teams is the primary criterion for breaking a tie in the WCA event.

However, since the three quartet had identical records 1-1 against each other, the next criterion was the cumulative stats for average target shooting.

Thus Great Britain inherited third place in the general classification, ahead of Japan and Canada.

In the average target shot column, Great Britain took eighth place (35.27 cm) among the ten teams in the tournament. Japan finished ninth (36.00) and Canada (45.44) at the end.

A shot at a target determines which team starts the match with the hammer. For break-even purposes, all the snapshots are added together and averaged, after subtracting the two worst snapshots from the equation.

In Friday’s semi-finals, Switzerland (8-1), first in the general classification, will face Japan. Sweden (7-2) will play Great Britain in the other semi-final match on Friday as well.

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