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Netflix and many houses that are released in France

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Netflix co-CEO with founder Red Hastings, Ted Sarandos revealed last July to the Journal du Dimanche that the popular subscription video-on-demand service has reached 10 million subscribers in France.

When asked about the practice of sharing passwords outside the home, he replied that there is a tolerance for making Netflix known. Faced with the loss of subscribers, the Los Gatos group is now looking for solutions to mitigate this phenomenon, if not put an end to it permanently.

The billing system for additional files that do not live under the same roof is a trial subject in some countries. Ted Sarandos had mentioned itAbout 100 million people around the world watch Netflix without paying. At the end of June, Netflix had about 221 million paying subscribers globally.

A third of families in France?

Netflix France Director of Development Damien Bernier announced during La Rochelle fictional festival: We have 10 million subscribers in France and we have 5 million families that consume Netflix but don’t pay because they share their accounts.

He added: have 5 million households watch Netflix regularly and pay zeroso we wondered how to attract them. This large figure of 5 million indicates that in France, a third of households do not pay for their Netflix subscription.

The number of 5 million subscribers for a free service has been repeated several times. But to AFP, Netflix France took it back in a second step, saying it was unable to ” Determine the number of families that use their service without paying. Point Adobe also offered its services through its Primetime Account IQ and AI solution.

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Estimate 5 million from the president of Netflix France would be simple Extrapolation of 100 million families In the world who benefit from account sharing. This does not mean that France will be less interested than other countries.

The only officially known comparison is that of the nearly 100 million households that use Netflix through shared IDs, 30 million are in the United States and Canada. These are the markets that have reached maturity for Netflix… as they are about to become in France.

Coming Soon 4th Netflix Package

Netflix will soon launch a subscription with ads that will be added to existing plans with ads. Can happen as early as 1Verse Next November, it aims to reach about 500,000 subscribers by the end of this year.

The Netflix subscription with ads won’t be free but will be cheaper than the other plans at €8.99 (Basic, SD and one screen), €13.49 (Standard, HD and two screens at a time) and €17.99 (Premium, UHD and four screens) per month.

Netflix doesn’t seem to rely on its cheaper subscription with ads to attract those who use its service without paying, but rather to attract new subscribers.

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