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(Paris) Netflix, already at the top of the nominations in the race for the Oscars with dog powerto address the cinema with a fleet of more than 80 films scheduled to be shown in 2022 and a series that includes major names in this sector.

Posted on March 10

Carol Jurado
France media agency

American giant flowwhich has proven itself over the years as a leading actor in cinema among the popular successes (do not search2021) and copyright (Rome2018; dog power2021), directs the big game with big Hollywood names, directing and acting: Jessica Chastain, Judd Apatow, Guillermo del Toro, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig … culminating in gray manThe management of Netflix France, the first successful platform, announced at a press conference in Paris.

Works directed by “Russo Brothers” (captain AmericaAnd Avengers), the film will be the first installment of the action movie franchise. His central character, a former CIA agent turned hitman, is played by Ryan Gosling who will face Chris Evans among an audience of other stars including Ana de Armas, Wagner Moura, Danoch and Reggie Jean Page.

In the context of lucrative movie franchises, Netflix will also be broadcast unlike 2 Where Daniel Craig, a young retired James Bond, will have to solve a new mystery in Greece.

Finally, nearly four years after it was announced, remake Cartons Pinocchio By Guillermo del Toro to be released in the musical version.

The new seasons of many of the leading foreign series are also back: Weird things (May 27 and then 1Verse July), meager masks (last season of June 10) and season 5 of the crown.

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“25 French productions”

In France, Netflix announced the launch of 25 French productions in 2022 and 20 works in production. In total, the platform will invest a total of 200 million euros this year in French audiovisual and cinema, of which 40 million will finance 10 films that will be shown in cinemas.

The track of successful movie series is also being exploited here with Omar Sy returning in early May, under a multi-year contract with the platform, in Far from the ring roadthe following The other side of the ring road (2012), with Laurent Lafitte.

I will come too lost ball 2After the first part that garnered more than 37 million views worldwide after its first month of running in 2020, earning the popularity of strong French-style feature films such as Bronx or recently tirelesslyWith Frank Gastambidi.

giant flow He also draws on new talent by producing the first film for actress Rachel Suissa (facilitatorsAnd The truth if you lie 3), dangerous relationshipsa contemporary adaptation of the novel by Choderlos de Laclos for a young audience.

Other Rising Stars supported by Netflix: Director Roman Javras with Athenaco-written with Ledge Lee (Les Miserables) and Elias Belkadar (Majdi days), under the title Dali Ben Salah.

In terms of the chain, the platform in France is betting on funnywritten by screenwriter Fanny Herrero (ten percent) who drowns in a world stand upbut also in the documentary johnny by johnny An icon of French rock.

You will also put French rap in the spotlight with new schooldocu-reality series in which Nyska, Shay, and SCH search for the next hard block in hip-hop.

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serial Notre Dame: The Fire Fragment On the fire of the famous Parisian cathedral, carried especially by Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust and Simon Abkarian, will be available this fall.

Among the announced six-party developments: to his place A series co-created by Jean-Pascal Zadi (simply black) and the movie Shadow Kinga contemporary adaptation of an African legend imagined by rapper Karis.

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