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Netflix: Thrilling sci-fi thriller, climate alert… What’s the Silent Sea? – News series

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The South Korean science fiction series The Silent Sea, which has been available since last week on Netflix, has climbed to number four in the streaming top ten list. But what does it all mean?

what is he talking about ?

In the near future, all the natural resources of the Earth will be exhausted. As humanity faces famine, a Korean space team is sent to the moon to try to save the world from extinction.

The Silent Sea, a series created by Park Eun-kyo with Doona Bae, Gong Yoo, and Joon Lee… Available on Netflix

place order movie

In the spaceship, alarms go off with a warning about the oxygen level. woman wearing a jumpsuit, d. Song (Donna Bae, known for her roles in Sense8 and Kingdom) regains consciousness. This is the opening scene of The Silent Sea, a suspense space movie that promises to be unnerving.

The Space Administration called Dr. Song, a biochemist, to be part of a mission to the moon, five years after an unexplained disaster at the lunar research station Balhae left more than 100 crew members, including his sister. To understand what happened to her sister, she accepted the assignment.

Except that the mission order talks about a radioactive leak and the need to bring samples. What does it contain? They don’t know anymore… We are in a chain that grows its puzzles and shortens them… Drop by drop! Enough to sustain our thirst for more.


Political subtext

The story is set in a near future version where global desertification has prompted governments to ration water. The more you belong to a higher social class, the more water you have.

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Much like Squid, another South Korean genre series, The Silent Sea infuses a political subtext through its main plot. The lack of water on Earth has increased social inequalities. This leads, among other things, to increased infant mortality for groups that only benefit from restricted access.

And of course, there is a lot of talk about climate change and the environmental disasters it causes. This led to the creation of the World Water Resources Council, which regulates the distribution. Also, many governments and private companies have started investing heavily in vertical farming to stop wasting water in agriculture.

In short, The Silent Sea is presented as a true science fiction series: captivating entertainment but with a true aquatic message.

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