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New bait to steal consumers

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Justin Trudeau announced the launch of the Canada Green Home Grant on May 27. The latter included various renovations, including replacing doors and windows, insulation, and improving heating and air conditioning systems. According to the Appalaches-Beauce-Etchemins Cooperative for Family Economics (ACEF-ABE), malicious sellers have already taken advantage of the situation to deceive consumers in the area.

In fact, certain requests were already brought to her attention by street vendors. These merchants use this new subsidy to persuade consumers to buy their products, even though they know the customer is not eligible for it. Some even go so far as to “inflate” their prices to indicate in the contract the reduction of said support.

Note, however, that in Quebec, to take advantage of this program, you must undergo the RénoClimat program. However, in order to receive your financial assistance check you must follow certain formalities, including two energy assessments, before and after work, carried out by a RénoClimat assessment consultant. You will have access to one of these certified consultants by submitting a special appointment request form your. If you have any doubts about your qualifications for the program or if you would like to verify that the contractor is authorized to perform an energy assessment, please feel free to call the RénoClimat line at 1866266-0008.

Roaming salespeople often use compressed sales techniques, so feel free to take the time to think about your offer and compare prices before signing a contract. In addition, even if you have already signed a contract with a traveling salesman, you have ten days to resolve the contract. Under certain conditions, this period can be up to one year.

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ACEF-ABE reminds you that it is there if you need legal support and information regarding your rights and obligations as consumers.

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