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New Beginnings: Photo Gallery of Young Immigrants in Canada

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The exhibition is titled new departures It opens to the public on Friday on International Human Rights Day.

These are new beginnings and a new life shown through these photos.

Some of these young people have already been in Canada for a few years. This is the case of Glory Dgwaka, originally from Cameroon, who shows a photo of her little sister praying.

During the pandemic, I realized that the country’s general economy was in distress. At the same time, families were also on the financial side. And after that, it affected me a lot. This image represents to me that despite the shortage and lack of money families should have, there is still hope.

Photo by Glory Guaka, Ottawa, Canada. “I know better days are coming.”

Photo: Radio Canada / Mathilde Gautier

Exhibition organized by the French Alliance in Manitoba

The exhibition presents 32 photographs of young members of the movement U ShineIt is a Canadian non-profit organization located in Ottawa.

Yushin Supports young immigrants and young refugees in artistic expression projects with the goal of reducing discrimination and highlighting diversity.

The exhibition is the result of a partnership between the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (Canadian Museum of Human Rights ) and the French Alliance de Manitoba.

stickers on the wall.

Preview of the exhibition “New Beginnings” at the Museum of Human Rights.

Photo: Radio Canada / Mathilde Gautier

Déborah Jourdanne, Coordinator of Cultural Projects at Alliance française du Manitoba, is the origin of this partnership. She says her founder was the first to call her U ShineCaroline Schatel, who was offered the idea for the exhibition she is on Fall in love instantly.

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Besides the professional aspect, it was the humanity that emerged from this conversation that really made me want to learn more and do everything to make it possible in Manitoba.

Then I asked the Canadian Museum of Human Rights officials If it is a project that might interest them.

And immediately, we had a synergy between the three partners whether that’s the case U ShineOr the Human Rights Museum or the French Alliance, she explained.

Woman smiling in front of pictures hanging on the wall.

Deborah Jordan, Cultural Projects and Communications Coordinator at Alliance Francaise in Manitoba.

Photo: Radio Canada

Alliance Française plans to organize visits with newcomers and Franco-Manitobans, in partnership with Accueil francophone, to revive the fair and bring people together.

« I want to introduce it to the entire Frankish community. »

Quote from Déborah Jourdanne, Cultural Projects Coordinator at Alliance française du Manitoba

A message to raise awareness of the migration crisis

For the three partners of this exhibition, the goal is to highlight migration issues, as explained by the communications consultant at Canadian Museum of Human Rights Rory MacLeod.

We have a refugee crisis from all sides. We have pictures of young people who certainly lived in the camps. We should all seriously think about what we are doing to improve the conditions for refugees and immigrants here in Canada, but also around the world.

The pictures shown illustrate these testimonials.

This picture is with these children shaking hands […] It reminds me of many families who migrate here. It’s a hell of a challenge to immigrate to a new countryDeborah Jordan explains.

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It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, whether it’s just because you want to or if you have to come here. When you come with your family, it’s an added challenge, because you gather everyone and make a decision together for the rest of your family.

praying hand.

On the left, a photo of both of them: “This photo represents inner peace, harmony and love for my new country, Canada. It is a new beginning for me.”

Photo: Radio Canada / Mathilde Gautier

Deborah Jordan believes that a new beginning is always possible and a source of hope.

The pictures are very positive, they are full of happiness and joy. We feel that the new beginning is full of life, full of beauty, full of discovery.

new departures, a free and open-access exhibition, on display at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights until June 13, 2022.

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