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New connectivity: TELUS, the governments of Quebec and Canada are completing the Basse-Cte-Nord high-speed network deployment ahead of the target deadline

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BLANC-SABLON, Quebec, Feb 5. 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – TELUS and the governments of Canada and Quebec, through the Société du Plan Nord, today celebrate the end of TELUS ‘4G LTE deployment to 14 municipalities and isolated indigenous communities on the Lower North Coast, nearly a year ahead of the initially targeted deadline. For the first time in their history, 2,000 families in the region now have access to high-speed internet at home as well as cell phones with an experience similar to that in large urban centers. This new connection stimulates economic vitality and counter-isolation by connecting the region, its businesses, health centers and schools with the rest of the world. TELUS also donates $ 40,000 in tablets to the Doctor Camille Marcoux Foundation, in order to connect patients with loved ones and healthcare professionals.

Today we celebrate the extraordinary meeting of the world’s fastest wireless network with one of the most isolated regions in the country, a clear symbol of our long-standing commitment to spreading our high-speed infrastructure to as many people as possible. Keebecker confirms possible, Francois Gratton, Executive Vice President and Head of TELUS Group and CEO For TELUS Quebec, TELUS Health and TELUS Agriculture, no matter where they live. ”This second major achievement completes one of the most ambitious deployments TELUS has ever undertaken. The new connection allows local companies to digitize their activities, healthcare professionals to take advantage of virtual technologies, young people to pursue their studies online, and families to connect with distant loved ones. Most importantly, the use of 4G LTE wireless technology makes travel safer. “

“This announcement at the beginning of the year marks for me the beginning of a new connected era of hope, renewal and economic prosperity in our beautiful region,” confirms Randy Jones, Director of MRC du Golfe-du-Saint Laurent. “The first communities in Lower North Shore have been connected to the rest of the world for a year now, and indeed, the full potential of connectivity is being felt: Lives were saved thanks to the mobile phone network, the new companies have seen today, and we can virtually all stay connected as we continue to conquer this pandemic. Prefixed. “

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One of TELUS ‘largest digital infrastructure projects north of the 49th parallel

The deployment of cell phones as well as high-speed internet to the 14 communities spread over 400 kilometers along the lower North Coast was made possible thanks to a joint contribution from the governments of Quebec and Canada as well as from TELUS which represents more than $ 23 million. To achieve this daunting challenge, the TELUS team used an innovative combination of technologies, combining optical fibers, a wide microwave system with 4G LTE technology, and transporting equipment to remote locations by boats, helicopters and terrain vehicles. The project has also enabled the deployment of optical fibers to 16 public institutions, including all dispensaries and health centers, and triple high-speed capacity at 15 schools in Lower North Shore.

Tablets to improve healthcare in the Lower North Coast region

TELUS donates 20 DVDs plus $ 0 data plans to the Doctor Camille-Marcoux Foundation. Consequently, professionals at the eight clinics in Lower North Shore County will be able to quickly access the tools and information needed when traveling home to provide care. End-of-life users, residents of Plan Sablon Hospital, will be able to stay in touch with their loved ones. Through eye contact, dispensary nurses will communicate more effectively with doctors hundreds of kilometers away.

Lower North Shore patients often have to travel by plane to see a doctor when they need medical follow-up that cannot be provided at their local dispensary. TELUS tablet donations and high-speed internet deployment will allow CISSS Côte-Nord to develop a telehealth service in our communities, reducing unnecessary expenses and risks associated with travel, ”confirms Constance Munger, Doctor Foundation Administrative Officer Camille Marco and Territory Coordinator For the Commonwealth of Independent States of South America (CISSS de la Côte-Nord). “No one should feel alone or disconnected. TELUS works to create a vital human connection for the citizens of the Lower North Shore region who need help more than ever for their health and well-being. “

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TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic communications technology company operating in a variety of areas: mobile services, data transmission, voice, IP services, television, video, entertainment and security. We use our cutting-edge technologies and our compassion to achieve wonderful human benefits. We have always put customers first. This focus is reflected in all areas of our activity, enabling us to become undeniable leaders in customer loyalty and service. In 2020, the TELUS mobile network was recognized as the fastest in the world, underlining our commitment to providing Canadians with superior technologies that connect us with the people, resources and information that make our lives better. TELUS Health is Canada’s leading digital health technology company. It improves access to health and wellness services, and revolutionizes the flow of medical data across the continuum of care. TELUS Agriculture provides innovative digital solutions for players in the agricultural value chain. It improves food production by focusing on better operations and using data from agricultural companies. TELUS International innovates in the field of digital customer experience. It provides next-generation content management and artificial intelligence solutions to global companies in technology, games, e-commerce, financial technology, communications, media, healthcare, travel and accommodation. TELUS and TELUS International operate in more than 25 countries around the world.

True to the company’s deep-rooted community philosophy “We Deliver Where We Live” and its social advocacy of connecting all citizens with a passion to make the world a better place, TELUS team members, current and retired, have offered more than $ 820 million and 1.6 million days of community volunteering since 2000. The unprecedented generosity of team members and their amazing volunteer work have made TELUS the most generous company in the world.

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The TELUS technology ecosystem on Quebec’s northern lower shore

To spread high-speed internet and mobile telephony in the lower North Coast, TELUS preferred the advanced LTE wireless technology. It is powered by 200 kilometers of optical fibers as well as one of the largest and most advanced microwave systems in the world. The advanced LTE network will not only allow 5,000 residents and businesses to connect at high speed at home and in the workplace, but will also improve connectivity and security on the go with wireless phone. The technology chosen was best suited to serve remote areas with no roads in the lower northern coast and extending 400 kilometers along the coast.

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