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Actor Christopher Plummer dies at the age of 91

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His wife, Eileen Plummer, said the actor died “peacefully” at his home in Connecticut after suffering a miscarriage two weeks ago.

In the hit movie Melody of happiness Released in 1965, he played Captain George von Trapp alongside actress Julie Andrews.

For almost 70 years, Christopher Plummer has worked in cinema, but also in television and theater.

Today the world has lost a great actor and I lost a dear friendA statement by Julie Andrews, his co-founder Melody of happiness. I cherish the memories of our work and all the sense of humor and absurdity that we have shared over the years.The actress continued.

The film was shot by Quebec director Eric Canwell Barrymore With Christopher Plummer in 2011. He recalls an “unforgettable” encounter with a “holy beast” who was intelligent, generous and strict in his way of working.

It was one of the deepest experiences in my career and my life., He explained in an interview with Catherine Richter, cultural columnist for the show The 15-18.

Other public figures responded to his departure, including director Ridley Scott.

It was my luck working with him for less than two years and I had a great experience. My condolences to Eileen. We will miss him a lot, Did he state.

For his movie All the money in the world, The actor was chosen for the Academy Awards, while in a short time he was replaced by Kevin Spacey.

Oscar-winning Helen Mirren responded to Plummer’s departure by stating that it was a great honor to work with the actor on the film. Tolstoy, last fall (The last stop).

He was powerful, both as a man and as an actor. He was represented by the meaning of “19H A century of the term. His art was all-encompassing. Theater was the engine that involved him in any novel. He was brave, energetic, courageous, knowledgeable, professional and monument. A great actor in the literal sense.

Helen Mirren

Other celebs who knew the actor took time to pay tribute to him via Twitter, including, among others, Chris Evans, Dean Norris, and Rosie O’Donnell.

Oscar at 82

At the age of 82, he became the oldest Oscar winner in the performance category by winning his first Oscar for his supporting role in Beginners (Beginners). There he played a widow who cuddled up with his gayness.

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You are only two years older than me [en parlant de son Oscar]Where have you been all my life?Before accepting the small statue to enthusiastic applause in 2012, Plummer said.

This Oscar came just two years after he was first nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The last stop.

In 2018, he was also nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for All the money in the world (All the money in the world), Just one month after Kevin Spacey was replaced by billionaire J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott’s biographical drama. Kevin Spacey was suddenly fired from the movie after the sexual assault allegations.

Christopher Plummer, who did not want to hear the word “retirement,” said that the older he got, the better he texts and the more he learned about his craft.

If you love your job, then I am […], You won’t even think about stoppingHe told the Canadian press in December 2010.

Montreal Youth

Christopher Plummer was born in Toronto in 1929, and was the grandson of John Abbott, who served as Prime Minister of Canada.

His parents divorced when he was a baby, so he was raised by his mother’s family in Montreal. He discovered theater and ballet in Quebec, and developed his love for classical literature. One of his classmates was Oscar Peterson, who became a jazz legend.

He sang with the Montreal Repertory Theater, then, in 1948, with the Theater Society of Ottawa, which later became the Canadian Repertory Theater. He has also worked for CBC, whether on radio or television.

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70 years of business

In his early twenties, he went on a theatrical tour of the United States. He made his Broadway appearance at The Starcross Story In 1954. His first steps in cinema soon followed when he appeared Stage struck, Dee Sidney Lumet.

Output Melody of happiness Christopher Plummer has forever made known to moviegoers, thanks to the role of Austrian widower George von Trapp.

During the seventies he held various positions in The Pink Panther is back (The Pink Panther is back) And the The man who will be king (The man who wanted to be king), And played the role of Sherlock Holmes in Murder by decree (Murder by decree).

One of his most famous roles in the 1980s was Archbishop Vittorio Contini Verchese in the TV series. Thorn birds (Birds hide to die).

In the 1990s, Christopher Plummer featured movies like Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Star Trek VI: Conquer the New World) And the Dolores Claiborne.

In 1999 he won awards for his portrayal of Mike Wallace in The Insider (Start up), Michael Mann, along with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe.

In the first decade of the 21st century, his career took him back to his Canadian roots. In 2002 Christopher Plummer appeared in the movie Ararat, By Toronto director Atom Egoyan.

In 2007, he was shot Emotional Account (The fall of my memories), Based on a novel by Canadian author Matt Cohen and filmed in Quebec. The film closed the Toronto International Film Festival that year. And in 2019, he filmed the series Departure (The last stopIn Toronto.

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