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New evacuations in La Baie: many victims in shock

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Sagweni ordered the eviction of an additional 53 homes on Saturday night, after receiving recommendations from the Department of Transportation and Englube, which conducted analyzes earlier this week.

The victims had until seven o’clock this morning to vacate their homes and leave the place, bringing as much possessions as possible with them.

On Saturday, during a press conference held around 9 p.m., municipal authorities warned that the evacuation could last several weeks or even months. They fear a new landslide in the area.

The perimeter targeted by the evacuation notice is located in the 8th and 9th avenues area of ​​La Baie.

Photo: Courtesy of City of Saguenay

The ground conditions at this site are similar to those that caused the tragic landslide that killed many people in 1971 that swept away part of the municipality of Saint-Jean-Vianney.

24 homes were evacuated last week after a bridge collapsed in the 8th and 9th Avenues area on Monday evening. Saguenay Mayor Julie Dufour said 76 families were affected.

This morning, the authorities meet the victims at the Municipal Theater in La Baie.

Photo: Radio Canada / Adrien Laroche

Many of the victims received the eviction order around 10 p.m. or even 10:30 p.m.

It looks like it’s not real. I kept telling the firefighters to go away, and that I wouldn’t move, but it seemed like I had to leavedisaster victim Yoland Tremblay shared Saturday night, picking up her personal belongings.

It’s hard to leave everything quickly, not knowing where to go, not knowing where to go next. I will not be with my sister for a year, two or three months. It’s tough, I’m 66 and I never thought this would happen to me. »

Quote from Yolande Tremblay, the victim of a catastrophe

Other people we interviewed this morning said they were surprised to leave their homes so quickly. Honestly, I didn’t expect that at all Share a victim.

The man, who lives not far from the house that was swept away on Monday, was not aware of the landslide on the evening of the events.

At the time I was in the basement of our house. I didn’t even hear, zero vibration he added.

The location of the landslide as it appeared Thursday, three days after the bridge collapsed.

Photo: Courtesy Jonathan Owlette

The events brought back bad memories for many people in the area, when La Bay was hit by the Saguenay floods in 1996, said district MP, François Tremblay.

We have references here with Saint-Jean-Vianney. In the 1970s, there was a flood, too. But I think we still have to rest assured. The city is on the ground now. There is a deployment process, and there is analytics being done. »

Quote from François Tremblay, MP for Dubuc

escorting the victims

Sagueni Mayor Julie Dufour confirmed in an interview Sunday morning that authorities are working hard to support the victims.

On Saturday evening, the Jean-Claude Tremblay Sports Center was converted into an emergency accommodation center to house victims who wanted to spend the night there.

The first priority of this city is to accompany them. This morning, we will meet them and we will not leave anyone alone. We understand more in the current context of the vacancy rate in our apartments, which is very low, [que] It is very difficult to house everyone, but we support them. »

Quote from Julie Dufour, Mayor of Saguenay

The mayor could not say how many people were affected in total by the eviction notice. You will know this information later in the morning.

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Are there people who prefer to go to the camp or to the chalet? But when we have the number of people who need housing, there is [qu’on va le savoir]. But we are already at work Mrs. Dufour said.

Municipal authorities will hold a press briefing, expected at noon, following a meeting with the victims that began at ten in the morning at the Palais Municipal Theater, in La Baie.

There is also the Red Cross in “La Bay” to help the victims of the disaster.

Sagueni Mayor Julie Dufour and representatives from the Sagueni Fire Department met the victims this morning.

Photo: Radio Canada / Adrien Laroche

According to Engineer Mohamed Hosseini, precautions should be taken in areas prone to landslides.

We really need to put together a panel of experts to work, so that this kind of landslide doesn’t happen again. [Au moins]Building permits are not granted in landslide-prone areasHe said.

The Telejournal Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean will be broadcasting live from The Bay tonight at 6pm.

More details to come

With information from Philippe Laureux, Adrien Laroche and Flavi Villeneuve

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