New historical festival in Montreal

Montreal’s 14 History Museums are launching a new festival, taking place May 14-16, to celebrate the city’s past with over 30 free activities, online and in the city.

Simon ChabotSimon Chabot

On the occasion of the Montreal History Festival, the public will be invited to participate in tours, workshops and conferences to learn more about the city’s history. On the list, in particular: an exploration of the architectural heritage of Mercury – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, discussions with representatives of the indigenous peoples who settled here before the arrival of Europeans, mapping of places in motion by the African diaspora in Montreal, and a musical hearing recordings recorded here in the 1940’s and 1950’s Or even walk through different neighborhoods.

“The museums are inspired by Rendez-vous de l ‘histoire de Blois (in France),” André Delaille, director of the Château Ramsay Museum and President of the Montreal Museums of History, said in his writings. We wanted to bring together the experts, insiders, and the general public for a festive and informative weekend. ”

Montreal’s 1st Historic Festival, joined by 3e The Montreal International History Film Festival and various historical and heritage organizations will be held a few days before the city’s founding anniversary, on May 17th. Earlier this year, the closure of the Stuart Museum in Ile Saint Helena destabilized the Montreal History Museum scene.

> Visit the Montreal History Festival website

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