news | Bronchiolitis: the epidemic continues in all regions

By La Provence (AFP)

bronchiolitis epidemicOn Wednesday, health authorities announced their continuation in all regions of the French capital, which are infecting children for the first time and risking discrimination this winter after an empty year linked to Covid.

In children under two years of age, the main age group had bronchiolitis, however, indicators decreased during the week of November 7, as determined by the agency, which reported a strong increase for several weeks.

This decrease (-22% of emergency room visits) “It could be temporary with the end of school holidays and public holidays” November 11, the nuances were. Of the 3247 children under 2 years of age seen in the emergency room for bronchiolitis, 2895 (89%) were less than 1 year old and 1156 (36%) were hospitalized.

Of the 1,156 children admitted to hospital, 1,079 (93%) were under 1 year of age. Bronchiolitis, a common and highly contagious one, causes children to cough and wheeze hard and fast. Most of the time, it may require an emergency room visit or even hospitalization.

Last winter, confinement and anti-Covid barrier gestures helped prevent all viruses, including RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) responsible for bronchiolitis. Children were less infected than usual and therefore had lower herd immunity, raising fears of an even stronger epidemic this year.

This phenomenon may also relate to other winter viruses, including influenza or gastroenteritis. At the moment, influenza is limited to “sporadic cases”According to the agency, which reported one case who was admitted to intensive care at the hospital.

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