NFB joins Rendez-vous de la Francophonie for 17th year

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Once again this year, the National Film Council (ONF) is participating in the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF), presenting six programs including documentaries, animations and interactive works. Available online for freeIn addition to 400 theatrical performances that will be performed across Canada.

These six programs group movies under themes related to social issues, as well as more entertainment content for the whole family. Overview.

Pandemic stories

The title of the first topic is that this word has been heard a thousand times in the mouths of public health delegates: the curve. We’ll have guessed it, it’s about the pandemic, which Quebecers of different backgrounds see, and the “social distancing stories that bring us closer.”

In a short film from this series, a landBy Valerie Bah and Tatiana Zinga Putao We hear the moving testimony of black women working in the health sector. “When I take care of a person, I put my mother in that person’s place, and I say to myself, What kind of care would a companion give him?”

on your phone

The second program consists of interactive works accessible from touch screens and smartphones, which NFB presents as evidence of the innovations possible thanks to the intermingling of disciplines.

Qualified as an Interactive Narrative, far from far It is an experience that must be discovered by swiping on your device screen to explore the events, which makes us discover the inhabitants of the island of Fogo located off the coast of Newfoundland. The second content in this series with a fun title I love potatoesdescribed as a game “to sow new ideas and nurture change”.

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Quebec province

The third program groups, is a documentary series in six episodes of about thirty minutes each on rural development. He talks about land, seeds, and issues affecting communities, some of which are controversial, such as mining and animal slaughter. The core issues of rural Quebec through the wonderful testimonies of people who, against all odds, despite all the challenges this presents, chose to settle there or stay there.

Traditions and identities

In keeping with this year’s RVF theme, “These Traditions Forge Identities,” 4And the The program presents three films that address these questions from different sides that are not often explored. With Saturday nightRosanna Mateke explores loneliness and aging. sand storyBy Hyacinthe Combary, deals with the links between African and indigenous cultures. the third, If time permits,directed by Elisabee Isaac, RVF spokeswoman, talks about Kangirsujuaq, a village in Nunavik.

Youth Programs

And finally, two youth-oriented programmes, each featuring several animated films and short films. With Sports is always sports!, we talk about hockey, cycling and anxiety, among other things, in an accessible tone. last series, Grandparents, family and storiesdeals with the bond between grandchildren and their grandparents in a poignant way.

Let’s see in the video

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