NFL Draft: Las Vegas deserves

Las vigas | Few players will be able to claim to one day celebrate their NFL entry by taking the red carpet to a podium erected at the famous site of the Bellagio Fountains, in front of the fabled sector crowded on the occasion. Las Vegas once again shows all its extravagance in the draft.

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Bidding hopes for 2022 isn’t the most exciting, but when the NFL and Las Vegas unite, the atmosphere promises to be very festive. Just take the famous Central Artery of Las Vegas in the last hours to be convinced.

Many visitors arrive in the city for the first round, which takes place on Thursday evening, but also for subsequent tours that take place tomorrow and Saturday evenings. The last draft without any health restrictions, in April 2019 before the pandemic, drew 600,000 people during the three days of festivities, on boiling Broadway in Nashville.

This year, Las Vegas estimates it will benefit from subsidiary benefits in the order of $135 million. Traders have told local media that they are back to about 85% of pre-pandemic revenue and that the draft will see another jump.

two scenes

For the occasion, part of the strip will be closed to traffic, to allow the public to walk freely between the Bellagio site and the Drag Theatre, 1.5 km away, near the Big Wheel, near the Linq Hotel.

In this sector elected officials will step up the stage of the traditional embrace to Commissioner Roger
Goodell, a man they will hate in a few months’ time…

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Given that this is a draft back to normal, the Ceremony In Vegas it has to be of epic proportions.

“Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. There’s always a bunch of events here, they know how to do something big. We’ve been in cities where organizing the rides has been a challenge. Here, Las Vegas knows we want to do big things,” said the NFL event operations manager. American footballer Eric Finkelstein.

full view

The teams have been working since the beginning of April to build two temporary phases. In front of Bellagio, it was necessary to engage six divers to build the foundations.

Since yesterday, 300 drones have been used twice a night for displays during which they take the form of the logos of 32 teams. Aerial images of Las Vegas must also be released in large numbers for television productions.

Once players are introduced, they will be taken to the stage where the main draft activities will take place.

no boat

Initially, it was even planned that the candidates would come to the Bellagio Theater by boat, but strong winds expected on Thursday evening thwarted plans for this other madness.

Avid fans will take their place in the million square feet of space behind Linq for a party like no other. To believe that until 2014, the NFL presented the draft in theaters and hotels in New York, before interest in the event exploded.

“Draft has evolved. It has gone from a small seating event to a concert atmosphere. It’s a much more celebration for fans than it used to be,” said Heather Nuenberg, Events Director.

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An NFL celebration too, which I took another perfect opportunity to print stacks of cool dollars.

Thibodeaux takes responsibility

Defensive end Oregon Kayvon Thibodeaux’s talent pierces every pore of his skin, but throughout the draft process, rumors about his commitment to football and strong personality tarnished his reputation. Thibodeaux made no secret of yesterday that it was time for the experiment to come to an end. “I love playing football, but I hated the whole recruitment process. It’s the longest job interview ever! I know I’m going to offend people sometimes. I’m not here to please. I’m not a used car salesman, I have to keep it real. I’m proud of who I am now,” he said. .

year of revenge

Last year, no fewer than five quarterbacks were selected from the top 15 selections. Since 2009, it has only happened three times that players who play in positions other than quarterbacks have been elected first. This year, midfielders are not once in the spotlight, and defensive players are getting more attention. The talented safety Kyle Hamilton couldn’t hold back from a big smile when he mentioned this rather rare situation. “We’re kind of the villains in history because the fans love seeing relegation and we’re here to stop them. I think there are more talented midfielders than people say and they’re going out in the first round, but that’s cool To get some attention.”

Few elected officials in sight

The Canadian players did well last year with four of them being selected in the draft. You never know, but everything indicates that it won’t be like that this time around. Three players in the country appear to have legitimate chances, John Mitchie III (Alabama), as well as linebacker Jesse Luketa (Penn State) and Luigi Villan (Wake Forest). “Mitchie is going out in the second round. I have identified him as a candidate for the third round, but everyone in the league I talk to tells me he is going out first. He is a very good player, he excels on his tracks. Luketa is more of a fourth or fifth round pick,” said analyst Daniel. Jeremiah “I think its versatility will help him.”

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