NHL: Evgenii Dadonov exchange complications in Anaheim

Transaction table

The deal, which was supposed to be completed earlier in the day, has run into some loopholes in the NHL offices.

attacker Evgeny Dadunov He is set to move to the Anaheim Ducks with the pick of defender John Moore in the second round and the signing of Ryan Kesler. However, according to Darren Dreger TSNThe league is slow to agree to the deal because Dadonov’s contract would allow him to have a list of teams he doesn’t want to be traded for, which is not available.

It appears according to Dreiger that Anaheim would end up on this list, but he wasn’t aware of Vegas, nor of California’s formation, nor of the NHL side. According to TSN, the concern may have been the trade that made Dadonov pass to the Golden Knights while playing with Senators in Ottawa. Perhaps the latter did not send the list in question to Vegas.

The players union will also be on the issue to assess the situation. In July 2021, Ottawa sent the striker to the Knights opposite Nick Holden and a third-round pick.

The 33-year-old Dadonov has scored 15 goals and 12 assists with the Golden Knights this season.

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