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Not through us anymore. Turkey suddenly stopped Russia’s import of Western goods

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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At the beginning of this week, the customs authorities in Turkey began to refuse to transport goods to Russia and Belarus from European Union countries, but also from the United States or Canada. “Thursday morning we tried again to clear the goods, but we were unsuccessful,” advertiser Optimal Logistics Director Georgij Vlastopulo.

Turkish customs officials are referring to a government order to halt transit, according to logistics workers. However, the Turkish government has not yet issued any such official statement. According to Transasia Logistics business manager Valerija Savenkova, the goods are not lost, but it is necessary to bypass the Turkish side and find alternative routes.

“We do not expect an official statement, because by doing so, Turkey will clearly admit that it participated in the supply of sanctioned products to the Russian Federation in the past year. “The system for registering transit-re-exports to Russia does not work until today (Thursday) in Turkey,” she explained.

Logistics chiefs halted the recent visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Turkey. Pressure from Washington will increase and transportation prices will rise, fears Andrei Solovgov, CEO of Sota Logistics.

“It is rumored that all costs considered by the Europeans to be subject to sanctions and that are part of the tenth package will be subject to a complete reduction,” he said, adding that the search for alternative methods will lead to an increase in logistical costs. “Unfortunately, all changes in our country affect consumers,” Solovgov added.

Russia was Turkey’s most important exporter last year, overtaking even China


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