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Obama’s birthday party drew criticism for respecting hygiene rules

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Washington | Although he plans to celebrate his 60th birthdayNS On the anniversary by honoring all applicable health directives, former President Barack Obama drew criticism – mainly from the Republican camp – in the context of a resurgence of cases due to the delta variable.

Barack Obama, born on August 4, should have a party this weekend on the upscale Martha’s Vineyard, according to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the main US public health agency. According to anonymous sources quoted by the American press.

Sources say all guests will need to be vaccinated and tested negative. The event will be held outside and the “COVID-19 Coordinator,” whose exact role has not been determined, will be on site.

In addition, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, on Monday, according to CDC data, showed only a moderate level of transmission of the virus, which does not trigger the new recommendations of health authorities, which is to wear a jacket. The mask is inside, even for vaccinated people.

A believer in Donald Trump, Republican Jim Jordan elected but mocked the situation, via Twitter, asserting that Democrats, “if it was President Trump’s birthday party,” would condemn a “super-dangerous propaganda event” and conclude that organizers of such a rally are “killing people.” .

Is there an exception for parties attended by wealthy liberal celebrities? asked the GOP leader, Rona McDaniel.

Lance Godin, another Republican elected official, added: “Are the Democrats going to ask him (Obama) to require all of his guests to wear a mask?”

“The former president, who supports vaccination and adheres to the advice of public health experts, certainly applies it to himself as well,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday. Precautions taken.

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Incumbent President Joe Biden is not expected to attend.

The Donald Trump administration has made headlines multiple times after hosting unconvincing events at the White House or in government departments, or holding campaign meetings, sometimes during the height of the pandemic and before COVID-19 vaccines were approved.

A party in honor of Justice Amy Connie Barrett, who was appointed by the Republican president to the Supreme Court, was in particular suspected of injuring dozens of people, including Donald Trump himself.

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