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Olympics: Who will represent Canada in men’s hockey?

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Now confirmed: National Hockey League (NHL) players will not go to the Beijing Olympics in 2022.

But who would represent the Canadian ice hockey team if the North American pros couldn’t? TVA Sports reveals its options.


Kurban Knight (KHL) – Ryan Spooner (KHL) – Jordan Weil (KHL)

Alexander Grenier (NLA) – Philip Millett (KHL) – Daniel Odette (KHL)

Adam Tamblini (SHL) – Tyler Grovac (KHL) – Christopher Di Domenico (NLA)

Landon Ferraro (DEL) – David Desharnais (NLA) – Josh Currie (KHL)

Other names to consider: Eric Stahl, Kent Johnson, Eric Fair, Patrick Marlowe.

Corbin Knight’s career really took off when he stepped into the Continental Hockey League (KHL). With 40 points in 40 games this season, the former Calgary Flames is among the top scorers in the KHL.

There’s no doubt that Ryan Spooner and Jordan Will, who have over 200 NHL games, could be the Canadian powerhouse in Beijing next February.

Many Quebecers can also endorse the maple leaf. This is the case of David Descharnat, Alexandre Grenier, Philippe Millais and Danielle Audet in particular.

With 32 points in 39 games this season, Maillet is the best Quebec player to play in Russia, closely followed by Odette, who has 31 points on the clock.

As for Staal, the former Canadians haven’t played this season, but let’s say his 1,293 NHL games have been pretty impressive on the résumé. The same logic applies to the name Patrick Marlowe!


Chay Genoway (KHL) – Brandon Gormley (KHL)

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Jason Demers (KHL) – Matt Robinson (KHL)

Eric Gilinas (SHL) – Maxime Noro (KHL)

Other names to consider: Alex Grant, Owen Power, Reece Scarlett, Darren Dietz, Ryan Sproul.

It’s hard to pick just 6 names in the starting lineup. Many Canadians currently dominate the Blue Line in Europe.

Genoway, Robinson and Noreau all have Olympic experience having played for Canada at the 2018 Games.

The force might be an excellent choice for Canada, and it remains to be seen if the University of Michigan in the NCAA will agree to release its man of defense for the event.


Eddie Atos KHL

Devan Dubnik (AHL)

Other names to consider: Landon Bow, Justin Pogge, and Connor LaCouvee.

Pascual is having a great season with Lokomotiv led by Yaroslavl, averaging 1.95 in 35 games.

Dubnik has appeared in two games this season with the Charlotte Checkers in the MLS. He was set to join Canada in the Spengler Cup.

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