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These are the Motorola phones that will receive the Android 12 update

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Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

As Google and other OEMs continue to grapple with Android 12 issues, Motorola has just released a list of phones it will update to the latest version in early 2022.

Motorola has listed more than 25 smartphones that will receive Android 12, including Pro version devices. The list is very comprehensive, but there are some intriguing reservations. However, here is the list of phones that will be updated to Android 12:

Motorola Razr:

Motorola Edge:

Motorola One:

Moto G:

moto g200 5G moto g71 5G moto g51 5G moto g41 moto g31 moto g100 moto g60s moto g60 moto g50 / moto g50 5G moto g40 fusion moto g30 moto g power (2022) moto g pure moto g stylus 5G

The list might look impressive, including most of Motorola’s best phones. However, it is worth noting that there were several devices released last year like the great Motorola Edge. This also includes phones released this year that aren’t on the list, including the Moto G10 Power and Moto G Fast (2021), which are some of the best Android phones under $200. Meanwhile, the ridiculously Moto G Pure was on the list.

Motorola is also highlighting several changes that will come with its phones when the Android 12 update is released. For anyone familiar with Android 12, the experience will be pretty much the same, albeit with a bit of flair and features. Thanks a lot to my Motorola UX.

This includes Material You’s Dynamic Color which can change the device’s accent colors according to the selected background, thanks to “Advanced Color Extraction Algorithms”.

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Motorola says Android 12 rollout will start in February 2022, although it’s likely to be a phased rollout targeting the flagship first. However, Motorola is not known to be quick on updates despite having a light user interface, but it can work to its advantage as other OEMs try to fix bugs introduced with their versions of Android 12.

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