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Opening of the first club Med in Canada!

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On November 29, Club Med Quebec-Charlevoix was officially inaugurated in the presence of the Prime Minister of Quebec, Mr. François Legault, the Minister of Tourism of Quebec, Caroline Proulx, and the new mayor of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Jean-Guy Bouchard and his predecessor Gerald Malthés as well as many of the characters and guests.

Massif de Charlevoix’s large and visionary president, Daniel Gauthier, co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, gave guests and the media an enthusiastic and sensitive speech. It must be said that 10 years were necessary to make this dream a reality with the complicity, of course, of the President and General Manager of Clubs Med around the world, Henri Giscard d’Estaing, son of the former President of the French Republic. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, who has been leading the club’s fate since 2002.

10 years to succeed in this challenge that has seen ups and downs, cancellations and delays, not to mention the global COVID-19 pandemic that continues to affect us. $130 million investment, hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, Giscard d’Estaing has been moved to present the world with the first club med in Canada in recognition of state and local aid and the happiness he wishes with his team. Made in the minds of customers.

Club Med has been officially open since December 3rd and fully booked for the whole month of December. I guess it won’t be easy to be able to enjoy this amazing place and ski slopes in Massif quickly, but that’s good news when you think about it.

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The other good news for Club Med fans is that it will offer many accommodation options, both for short and long stays.

So it is possible that you will be able to stay there for two to three days, as a couple or with children. Prices per person start at $245, and this obviously includes all meals, entertainment, and ski passes.

Ski equipment can be rented on site at an additional cost.

The place is quite charming, honestly and does justice to the vast expanses of Quebec in the imaginations of tourists who want to discover Club Med without the coconut palms.

Large windows overlooking the majestic Saint-Laurent River provide a stunning view.

How beautiful Quebec is, the Prime Minister reiterated, even stating that Charlevoix is ​​his favorite region and that it has nothing to envy the rest of the world.

For lovers of relaxation, there is a spa, treatments with supplements, a very beautiful pool, cold and hot showers with a view, again, it is great.

Sports activities are the strength of Club Med, everyone knows that, and Club Med Charlevoix is ​​no exception. An extensive program of skiing and activities is designed to cater to all levels perfectly, young and old, not to mention skiing in chalets and then offering everything one could possibly wish for.

The location is really great, the building (the village) is a collection of modern architectural structures, cubic or rectangular, that are amazing in this environment, but leave every room for nature as soon as you enter.

The fittings and design are unadorned, it is contemporary, the very high ceilings and spaces give a real impression of luxury, everything is modern, sober. The designers wanted to stay very far from my cabin in Canada so dear to Line Renaud, she is genuinely happy. That doesn’t preclude nods to Quebec lore, like this stunning quilt at a club village reception, by Ateliers Charlevoix.

302 rooms are saturated with warm colours. The bedding is of high quality, and the spaces are cleverly divided, allowing movement without problems. Storage, among other things, is plentiful and practical, especially with children.

As in all Club Meds, there is a large party space (L’Amphithéâtre) that allows you to see the many GO animators in the club and participate in active evenings with them. The musical groups are especially talented, and the concert is likely to be permanent. A real place to gather and live for lovely evenings, with a great bar and adjoining terrace.

As for the kitchen, Executive Chef Roberto Piccinini, a Club Med representative for 20 years, isn’t on his first adventure.

It will be able to rely on local resources, as it likes to highlight local producers and products. There is also a wall of delicacies and local produce. Distinctive products from the beautiful Charlevoix region, such as the tomato Omerto wine created by Pascal Mich in Baie Saint Paul. Le Migneron de Charlevoix is ​​where the famous cheese is found in all the restaurants of Club Med Quebec Charlevoix.

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You can also taste a Quebec brew there, be it Menod or Charlevoyeux, for the record, I know people from the area who know each other well happily tease each other by saying it’s Charlevoyue, like what, you don’t always have to look very far to find a name, that’s perfect .

So we also dream that Quebec’s culinary spirit and our artisanal products can be found in other Mediterranean clubs around the world.

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