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‘Science is not unanimous’ on global warming: Gadot considers ‘criminal’ LR deputy words, Pécresse backing

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Yannick Gadot stepped forward. Europe’s green ecology candidate in the 2022 presidential election denounced, Monday, on Twitter, the statements of Republican Representative Ann Laurie Blaine, who challenged the scientific consensus on global warming. Anne Laurie Blaine, LR MP and Valerie Pecres support, quietly declares that ‘science is not unanimous’ on the issue of global warming. Saying 2022 is criminal! “,” The environmental candidate, who also referred to the movie Don’t Look Up, fired a satire of denial. the climate.

MEP refers to a video filmed in March 2021, which appeared on Twitter on Sunday. We see a short excerpt from a program broadcast on LCP, in which Anne-Laurie Blaine, MP for Maine-Loire and co-chair of the Valerie Pecresse Support Committee in her management, raises global warming. “We have a popular doxa saying that we must act on global warming, Judge Ann Laurie Blaine. What I am saying is that I am not a climate scientist, I am not a scientist, and I would have a certain number of items that prove the issue of global warming.”

“Science is not unanimous on the question”

Relaunched by the presenter, which evokes several scientific studies that have long recorded global warming of human origin, the Maine-et-Loire member mentions “others who say the opposite” and explains that “in the scientific debate, science is not unanimous on the question.”

It was replied by Valerie Mason-Delmotte, co-chair of one of the IPCC’s working groups – the Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Change that has assessed the state of knowledge about climate change and its causes for 30 years – on Twitter. Writes the scientist who considers that the argument I’m not a scientist It is “a cliched argument from American politicians”.

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In its latest report, published in August 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated that climate change is affecting all regions of the world, at an extremely rapid rate, and is exacerbating in an unprecedented and “unprecedented” manner. He also believed that human activities were “unmistakable” at the root of global warming.

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