The AirPods 2 are not to be missed in the mega promotion on Amazon and Cdiscount

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Don’t be fooled by their lightness, AirPods 2 are true forces of technology. In fact, it is equipped with a powerful Apple-designed H1 chip. Wireless, they will go unnoticed on public transport. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can easily take your calls or direct your Siri voice assistant, without needing to use your iPhone. Apple smartphones aren’t the only ones that are compatible with these headphones. Bluetooth 5.0 will also allow you to connect to Apple Watch, MacBook, iPod, iPad and other devices running different operating systems. At this moment you will find out AirPods 2 on Amazon for 135 euros instead of 179 euros. These Apple headphones are also available in Cdiscount is priced at 139 euros.

AirPods 2 starting at € 35 on Amazon and Cdiscount

Weighing just 4g per earphone, AirPods can be comfortably worn in any conditions. Equipped with a special detection technology, it is able to automatically stop playing media when removed from your ear canal. Thanks to Apple’s expertise, you’ll benefit from an imperceptible latency of just 178ms. So you can use AirPods 2 to watch a movie or play video games without experiencing any lag between picture and sound. Each headphone has 5 hours autonomy, down to 3 hours in call status. However, the wired charging box will allow you to recover up to 24 hours of use. In just 15 minutes, you will be able to find approximately 3 hours of listening.

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