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Parliament adopts the text on extending the health passport in France

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This vote paves the way for an expanded application for the health passport (called pass healthy in France) in early August to combat the re-emergence of COVID-19 linked to the Delta formula, in accordance with the government’s wish.

The final text provides for the presentation of a health passport to enter restaurants and cafes, both indoors and on the balcony, while the decision to make it mandatory for stores and shopping centers is up to the governors.

Institutions open to the public will also be subject to official notices and administrative closures for non-compliance with the new rules – not criminal penalties – while caregivers and employees in contact with the public who do not have a passport ultimately do not risk dismissal, but a wage suspension.

The end of the health emergency was also set for November 15, while the government set it on December 31 and senators on October 31, and a health passport will be mandatory for those aged 12-17 from September 30.

Good evening to democracy, harmful to virusHealth Minister Olivier Veran responded on Twitter after the MPs vote.

After 60 hours of debate, the majority and the opposition have found the path of unity to fight the epidemic.

Quote from:Olivier Veran, Minister of Health

Earlier, in the National Assembly, Olivier Veran confirmed itThe minute we can dispense with pass healthy, as the moment we are able to do without masks outdoors, we will make the decision to lift all these restrictions.

this is pass The health cannot therefore be extended beyond the date of November 15, which is the date agreed upon between deputies and senators. […]And if we can do without it first, we obviously will., he added.

Since July 21, people who want to go to most public places in France must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test.

Photo: Agence France-Presse / Sebastian Salom Gomes

On Saturday night, the Senate adopted a widely revised text that was scrutinized by the committee on Sunday afternoon.

The Senate had notably abolished the sanitary passport of the palace and in stores and shopping malls, limiting its scope to interior spaces, effectively excluding the amphitheatres.

The Senate also wanted the health passport application to be postponed until September 15 for workers in places open to the public.

In the event of a final disagreement between deputies and senators, it was necessary to send a new parliamentary shuttle, and the timetable for implementing the text could have been bargained. The Constitutional Council has not yet considered the draft law before its issuance.

Elsewhere in Europe

Italy said Thursday that people will need a similar permit to go to frequent museums, movies, restaurants and cafes, but also to access swimming pools and casinos, among other public places. the green pass Evidence of the vaccine dose or a negative test will be issued.

The silhouette of a man pulling a suitcase looms in front of a picture window overlooking the tarmac.

A passenger carries his bag at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Roissy, on the outskirts of Paris.

Photo: Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes

Although a health passport is not required in Germany at establishments open to the public, residents are still encouraged to obtain the CovPass app to download European health passport, which basically allows you to travel to neighboring countries.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff said on Sunday that unvaccinated Germans, even with negative tests, could face further restrictions if infections continue to rise in the country.

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In Greece, people who wish to enter restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, cinemas and theaters must show proof of vaccination through the “COVID FREE GR” app.

In the United Kingdom, increased pollution prompted the British government to announce the introduction of a health passport, in September, proving full vaccination at the entrance to establishments that welcome a large audience, such as nightclubs. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a negative test was no longer enough.

With information from Reuters, UBS, Le Monde and France Inter

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