Parliamentary Secretary Lalonde announced an investment of $ 2.5 million to rebuild the La Rond Cultural Center in Timmins

Government Canada It supports the revitalization of the historical, cultural and societal space of the Francophone community by Northern Ontario

Timmins, N.And the May 21, 2021 / CNW Telbec / – Cultural and artistic infrastructure is at the heart of our communities. As places of self-expression, creativity, gathering and entertainment, they are of particular interest to formal language minority communities, who need persistence and flexibility in order to survive and thrive in their language. It is the vital forces that make up Canada A unique, diverse and bilingual country to be proud of.

In a hypothetical event today, Marie France LalondeParliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Economic Development and Official Languages ​​(FedDev Ontario and Official Languages), announced funding for the reconstruction of the La Ronde Cultural Center in Timmins. The announcement was made on behalf of The Honorable Melanie Jolly, Minister for Economic Development and Official Languages, and the Honorable Stephen Gilbolt, Minister of Heritage of Canada.

Government Canada Proud to invest $ 2.5 million in rebuilding the La Ronde Cultural Center, including $ 1$ 0.5 million through the Canadian Fund for Cultural Spaces and $ 1 million through the Community Spaces Fund.

By visiting Timmins Two years ago, Minister Jolie announced that the government of Canada He was helping launch the reconstruction project. Today, thanks to a construction proposal at the forefront of technology, La Ronde is another step towards the possibility of restoring its full operational capacity.

Additionally, the federal government is helping revitalize the new building by saving approximately $ 265,000 In financing by 2024 for the center’s programs and services. Of this amount, $ 216,000 Will be appointed as part of the official Linguistic Community Development Program, and 48,400 dollars Through the Canada Art Show.

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Thanks to the hard work of collaborators and volunteers, the La Ronde Cultural Center, which faced serious challenges after being partially destroyed by fire in November 2015, has been able to continue to offer activities that promote, stimulate and support the Entartist French language and culture in your community. In doing so, the center allows Timmins French speakers will come together in one place to preserve and develop their identity and culture.


“It’s excellent news that Timmins Society has found the strength and endurance to give La Ronde a fresh start. Northern Ontario It is a historical cultural and artistic center for Canada Francophonie and a government Canada Proud to support this talent from France-Ontario. “
Her Excellency Mrs. Melanie Jolie, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages

Canada to finance construction projects, such as the La Ronde Cultural Center in TimminsWhich enriches their communities and integrates them into Canadian cultural history. “
The Honorable Stephen Gilbault, Minister of Canadian Heritage

“Government Canada The commitment to support French speakers throughout the country is unwavering. By investing in Francophone minority communities, we reaffirm our vision for a collective, bilingual, diverse and promising future for all. “
—Marie-France Lalonde, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Economic Development and Official Languages ​​(FedDev Ontario and Official Languages) and Member of Parliament (Orléans)

I welcome the good news regarding this additional investment from the government Canada For cultural infrastructures in Northern Ontario. We know that minority linguistic communities are as strong as their institutions, so today we affirm that we are helping to build a strong future for France-Ontario. “
– Paul Lefebvre, Member of Parliament)Sudbury)

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After the fire of 2015, we devoted ourselves to imagining an ultramodern cultural center of the French-Ontario community TimminsAnd work together to make this vision a reality. Today, I am absolutely delighted that this promise has been fulfilled! “
Lisa Bertrand, Executive Director of the La Ronde Cultural Center

quick Facts

The Official Languages ​​Action Plan 2018-2023: Investing in Our Future Dedicated 67 dollars.3 million over five years for projects to build educational and cultural infrastructure in official language minority communities. Part of this amount is allocated to the Community Spaces Fund.

The Canadian Cultural Places Fund supports the improvement of material conditions for the arts, heritage, culture and creative innovation, including creativity centers. The fund supports renovation and construction projects, the acquisition of specialized equipment and feasibility studies related to cultural spaces.

The Community Spaces Fund provides funds to nonprofits in formal language minority communities that want to build new spaces to provide community and cultural services and activities in their language. These meeting places, which promote interaction, contribute to the individual and social development of society. Creating these living spaces enhances the capacity of these organizations and supports community revitalization.

In the 2021 budget, the government decided Canada Prof. $ 81.8 million For two years at Canadian Heritage, beginning in 2021-2022, to support the building, renewal, and expansion of educational and community spaces serving formal language minority communities.

The Canadian Performing Arts Fund provides financial assistance to organizations that host professional arts festivals or performing arts series.

La Ronde Cultural Center supports and encourages the Francophone community in Timmins The region by organizing and presenting community activities focusing on cultural development and the strengthening of the Francophone identity.

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For more information: Contacts: For more information (for media only), contact: Catherine Mounier-Desrochers, Press Secretary, Office of the Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, 613-295-3617, [email protected]; Media Relations: Canadian Heritage, 819-994-9101, 1-866-569-6155, [email protected]

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