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Photos and videos – Guided tour of the aquarium in San Constant

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The highly anticipated aquarium on Lériger Street in Saint-Constant opened on Tuesday 25 May. The project, which has paid off at a cost of $ 13.8 million, of which $ 8.3 million comes from federal and provincial grants, is ready to receive its first swimmers, nearly two years after the day after the first hoe of soil.

Le Journal visited the 43,000-square-foot building with Mayor Jean-Claude Bauer and the nonprofit’s director and complex manager, Regen Levesque.

Mayor Jean-Claude Boyer and director of the Réjean Lévesque Aquatic. (Photo by Le Revlet – Audrey Leduc Brodeur)

Due to the pandemic, the Saint Constant Aquarium can only hold free swimming sessions in the recreational and competitive swimming pools, at a rate of 60 sessions of 50 minutes per week. Forty people can swim in the larger portion at a time, while 25 people can access the smaller portion. After the health crisis, a maximum of 370 people can enter the site at the same time.

The city of Saint-Constant chose not to install launch pads and instead added two additional tracks in its competitive pool for a total of 10 lanes that were approved by the International Swimming Federation for the competitions there.

Mr. Boyer remembers that the new water complex in Brossard already contains diving facilities.

The pool is 25 meters long, while the maximum depth is 2.5 meters.

Water and river games with the current from the third section. This will be used to entertain families, but also to allow physical rehabilitation sessions in the event of injuries, Mr Lévesque said. Offices have also been set up in the complex to accommodate a clinic that can meet patients on site.

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The endless river with the current also allows for rehabilitation in case of injury. (Photo by Le Revlet – Audrey Leduc Brodeur)

Currently, the car park is entered via Lériger Street, near Lafarge Park. This is temporary, Mr. Boyer said, as visitors will instead have to take the City’s 275th Anniversary Bridge via Route 132. Infrastructure is under construction and will be accessible by mid-June. This new corridor will avoid the residential sector being clogged with car traffic, the mayor assures.

Parking at the back. To get there, you have to follow Lériger Street, before the bridge opens. (Photo by Le Revlet – Audrey Leduc Brodeur)

Although the building belongs to the city of Saint-Constant, a non-profit organization has been established and is managed by Mister Lévesque, Deputy General Manager of Tennis Québec until 2020. About thirty employees are appointed, most of whom live in Saint-Constant and the surrounding areas, and welcomes By Mr. Lévesque. Some will welcome visitors at the entrance, where a foyer has been set up.

The staff greets visitors at the entrance, which also houses a foyer. (Photo by Le Revlet – Audrey Leduc Brodeur)

Before reaching the pool, users will prepare themselves in mixed changing rooms that contain more than 400 lockers, as well as showers and toilets. The safety and privacy of all visitors will be respected, Mr Lévesque assures, while nudity in public places will not be tolerated. In order for sanitary measures to be lifted, visitors must, however, leave their personal items near the swimming pools, as the lockers are closed.

At the moment, the inhabitants of Saint-Constant have priority; They can reserve a time period of 72 hours in advance City location. The remaining places will be opened to residents of other municipalities 24 hours in advance.

A more comprehensive program has already been planned and the warehouse is full of new equipment for holding courses, events, etc., as Mr. Lévesque specifies.

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The water complex is being built in a design and construction mode. This approach enabled the city to save significant sums and speed up the process, says Mr. Boyer. He explains that if an amount of $ 500,000 was added along the route, it was because the municipality made the decision and not because of unforeseen circumstances.

The city said the money was spent on purchasing and improving equipment to increase the quality and efficiency of its infrastructure, including an innovative continuous filtration system. Ultimately, savings will be made in terms of water and chemicals, among other things, explains Alan Ricard, an employee at the Saint Constant Aquatic Complex. This explains how it works.

He said the nonprofit wanted to showcase the engine room, for reasons of aesthetics and ease of use in particular.

It can be seen from the swimming pool and visitors will be able to notice it thanks to the multi-colored UV lamps that illuminate it.

Mayor Jean-Claude Boyer said he is proud to open the installation that citizens of Saint Constant have ordered for more than 30 years, he confirms. The construction of the water complex is part of a series of major new infrastructures that are drastically changing the cityscape. The Library (in Paul. Monchamp) and the Municipal Center (Wilfrid-Lamarche Street), in particular, will be opened soon.

Mr. Boyer also hopes that these events will be held in the presence of VIPs as planned. Canadian Heritage Minister Stephen Gilbault, Minister of Municipal Affairs André Laforest, Minister Responsible for Education Isabel Charst, Minister of Higher Education and Member of Parliament for Sanguinette Daniel McCann, as well as Member of Parliament for La Prairie and Leader of the Quebeco Bloc Alain Terrain all witnessed in a press release their pride in the opening of the water complex .

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Main façade of the Saint-Constant Aquatic Complex (Photo Le Reflet – Audrey Leduc-Brodeur)

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