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Pictures | She loses her dog…and finds it after 8 years!

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A dog reported missing has finally found its owner… after eight years on the run!

It all started in early 2014, when bull Betsy DeHaan moved too far from her family home in Fort Myers, Florida.

A few hours after the dog’s disappearance, the Betsy family begins a search for Harley’s place in the woods, to no avail.

Then the Dahan family began installing posters with the inscription “The Lost Puppy” in the streets of the residential neighborhood.

screenshot | CNN

Despite the dog’s delicate microchip, locating the adventurous animal wasn’t enough.

Eight years later, Betsy is no longer a resident of Florida. She now lives in Missouri, in a sign that hope of finding the dog has dissipated.

However, family friends who live in Florida recently discovered a dog that looked like Harley.

Hope was there, as Betsy’s friend Angie spotted the animal less than 30 kilometers south of their first home.

The dog was in poor condition and appeared malnourished. Angie immediately transported the beast to Cypress Lake Veterinary Hospital.

Using its microchip, Lee County veterinary officials were able to confirm that the dog was indeed Betsy DeHaan.

screenshot | CNN

The mother was contacted by the veterinary hospital. She did not believe the information that the veterinarian described.

“I got the message last Saturday. I was sure it was a mistake. Moreover, we just talked about Harley that morning. Anyway, when I knew it was true, I immediately went to my car,” Betsy says.

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In total, the woman traveled more than 1,770 kilometers to finally be able to hug her pet.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Betsy DeHaan exclaimed as they were reunited.

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