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The season is now over.

Thanks for being with us.

Ukkusiksalik National Park is located in Nunavut and has many points of interest. Animals, plants and the presence of saponite. Saponite, or soapstone, played a very important role among the Inuit. Today, this stone is mainly used for carving works of art but at one time it was also used as a raw material for making lanterns and tools.


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    In the eye of Real Boss

    Rivière Bleu in Bas-Saint-Laurent saw comedian Réal Bossé grow up. He returns to his corner of the country to make us relive some good moments from his childhood within a large family.

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    Tell me about Lethbridge

    This time around, it was the people of a city in Alberta who showed us their part of the country. Lethbridge will enchant you with its massive metal bridge with its 130 parks, lava flows and 320 sunny days a year.

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    Top 3: Trains not to be missed!

    It might have been an outdated mode of transportation but it sure was fun. Here is our pick of trains worth a detour. Whether you’re in Charlevoix, Ontario, or in the Rockies, the experience will leave you speechless. Are you coming on the plane?

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    Let’s Go: Aggressive Ice Skating

    Our Saskatchewan reporter, Rose Nantel, goes to a skateboarding park. She has an appointment with a fan of aggressive skateboarding, a sport unknown here but successful in Europe. Will Jessica McClelland make our reporter a fan?

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    A park bigger than Central Park

    Rouge National Urban Park officially provides access to nature for people who live in Toronto. The park has an area of ​​80 square kilometers, more than twenty times the size of Central Park in New York.

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    Allison’s favorite food across the country

    In her final column of the season, Alison Van Russell shares her favorites in Canada. While traveling from coast to coast, see Alison and sample all kinds of specialties to make this exciting menu!

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    In Your Face: Sagueni’s Pyramid

    As surprising as it may sound, yes, there is indeed a pyramid in Quebec. Listen to this capsule to learn more about this infrastructure reminiscent of the catastrophic floods of 1996.

The season is now over.

Thanks for being with us.

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