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Pink October: This Breast Cancer Survivor Will Convince You To Learn Self-Examination

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Women – “Today I am going to show you how you feel about yourself. This is how I found cancer.” on TikTokCynthia’s videos discourage anyone from dancing or reproducing a somewhat bizarre challenge. The 36-year-old uses the platform to share information about breast cancer. How do you feel about yourself, how do you dress up breasts, how do you talk about that with your date? On her own account, Cynthia decided to talk about the topic from all angles.

Five years ago, Cynthia knew absolutely nothing about her. Since she feels herself a lot in the shower, in August 2016, she sensed that something was wrong. Three days later, she found herself at her gynecologist, then had an X-ray, and the sentence fell.

Cynthia is 31 years old and diagnosed with breast cancer. From there, nothing is easy. Her doctor asks her to make an appointment at the hospital for an MRI. Cynthia said to HuffPost LIFE, As you can see in the video aboveWhich we publish to mark the beginning of pink October this Friday, October 1. By calling her friends who work in the medical field, she ends up finding the team that will follow her through these five years.

A journey full of pitfalls

Cynthia goes for a mastectomy, Chemotherapy Breast reconstruction. Before this last stage, the young woman was living with a prosthesis. “When you’re 31 and you’re told you have access to a prosthesis, you have to go. If I had really thought about it and knew what it was like, I wouldn’t have worn it,” she recalls. “After 8 months, the prosthesis did not hold up. My skin opened, and the prosthesis fell off.” Eventually the doctors took her away and it’s a shock to find herself without a right breast. It will take Cynthia over two years to look at herself naked in the mirror.

You will wait for the flap to be reconstructed. Young doctor is the shoulder in this series of operations. Today she is waiting for her last nipple. Five years after her diagnosis, Cynthia was cured. “I had my 5-year meeting three weeks ago, and I couldn’t believe it, because we still had that sword of Damocles that unfortunately would never go away. The month before check-in, it’s just hell. And all of a sudden, when the doctor said no to me, it’s all right. Alright, I breathed the same calm into my body, and even then I’m still shivering,” she explains.

Breast cancer said on TikTok

It’s to tell everything I’ve learned that Cynthia opened this account on TikTok. “We were told, especially during pink October, ‘Do you feel, do you feel,’ but what happens next? We are really abandoned.” Instead of keeping all this knowledge to herself, the young woman unwrapped her cell phone to inform the entire community via videos lasting a few seconds. “I’m just condensing what’s on the site Association against cancer. But the truth is, people don’t read.” That’s why, for Cynthia, the best way to get young people interested in these issues is to use less traditional means, like TikTok.

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