Pisikotan: The touching documentary of two Sherbrooke residents

The person is what matters to me. We are all in the same place. We all want the same thing, we just want to improve our time here, especially together, explains director Myriam LeBlond.

The project was created for Indigenous youth aged 11-16 to complete physical challenges, including a 180km relay race. Challenges to face to restore their confidence, so they can also reconnect to their roots and their spirituality.

What interests me most is building bridges as a non-citizen with this community.Tikamico from Juliet. And succeed in understanding their reality better. […] It’s also a fact like all of us. We all have this desire to improve our own estimation, the realization of our own path.

Quote from:Myriam Leblond, Director

Teens in Atikamekw form the beating heart of the documentary. After the theatrical performance, Young people were very proud to see themselves on the screen. Let’s see what they accomplished. […] It was my salary! Miriam adds, laughing.

The pictures, strikingly beautiful, show us the vast territory of Manawan in Juliet.

Sherbroqua, Myriam Leblond and Pierre-Luc Racine, co-produced and cameraed. Pierre Luc is also responsible for the shooting, editing and part of the music.

Pisikotan directors Miriam Leblond and Pierre-Luc Racine in the winter.

Pisikotan directors Miriam Leblond and Pierre-Luc Racine.

Photo: Pisikotan

Indigenous songs, vibrant and distinctive Atikamekw, were created by Moe Clark and Musique Nomade, among others. Illustrations, sometimes shown in the woods, are by artist Mickey Ottawa. This film is the result of a real and close collaboration with the indigenous population. Mutual respect arises from this.

This documentary will forever have a place in my bag, because it completely opened my horizons.

Quote from:Myriam Leblond, Director

Participants and speakers will attend the discussion after the screening of the film on 29 July at the Maison du Cinema in Sherbrooke.

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Pisces Also available on ici.tou.tv (A new window).

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