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Political fraud and global warming

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Global warming, we’re right about it. We live it and see tangible evidence of it all over the world…

However, to listen to some politicians reclaiming and capturing the cause of global warming suggest that Quebec is the global epicenter of this phenomenon and that, on its own, it can save the fate of humanity, I get it.

I pick up because of the quack because this issue is not national. It is my planet.

And no, even by stopping all its human and economic activities in particular, Quebec alone with its 8 million inhabitants will not save the world.

Furthermore, Quebec is not the largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO .).2) for our planet. But to hear self-flagellation, it seems that if…

The top 10 emitting countries of carbon dioxide2

Although the carbon footprint of the population gives a different result, the top three countries with the most carbon dioxide (CO) pollution are2) are: China, the United States and the European Union.

These three centers are the most industrialized and the most populous in the world.

In 2020, due to its exports of consumer goods (which we buy with enthusiasm) and its strong dependence on coal, China would have been exporting nearly 10 billion tons of CO2.2or nearly 30% of global emissions, United States, 4.5 billion tons (13.8%), European Union, 2.5 billion tons (7.9%).

To these top three is added India, with 2.3 billion tons (7.1%); Then follow Russia, Japan, Iran, Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia…

By comparison, Canada (including Quebec – 84.3 million tons) would have exported 672 million tons in 2020.

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The sword hits the water

Indeed, it would be a good idea to make the necessary efforts to “reduce” global warming in our corner of the planet, as long as the major economies (and the small economies looking to become one) do not measurably and honestly register in the culture of economic decline, global warming will continue to Accelerate merrily.

Unless he got away with it, I didn’t see any of these big polluting countries at the start of the race for economic decline.

They are all in the other race, the growth race, because none of them wants to be part of the economic or political subordination of the other…

Et à l’aulne des rivalités, des tensions géopolitiques, idéologiques et économiques qui sous-tendent les guerres du moment, il est évident que ces grandes économies ne sont absolument pas à la veillele d’éré la effcéré course, growth.

Thus, we must get used to the idea that we will be in the cycle of global warming for a long time now.

In the medium and short term, the development and implementation of plans and culture of adaptation should be expedited; Because I get the impression we’ve already missed the energy transition window.

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