Polls | Biden got the majority of positive reviews after 100 days

(New York) Joe Biden’s behavior is seen positively by the majority of Americans 100 days after his inauguration, according to two polls published on Sunday, two-thirds of the country in particular approved of his management of the epidemic.

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About 52% of those questioned in a survey for Washington Post ABC said it agreed “slightly” (18%) or “clearly” (34%) for the head of state to run, while 42% opposed it.

The image is almost completely negative to a poll conducted in early 2017 after 100 days of the Trump administration, which revealed 42% favorable opinions versus 53% who rejected 45.e USA President.

However, with the exception of Donald Trump and Gerald Ford, Joe Biden has the lowest satisfaction rate among all American presidents since the end of World War II at this point in his term, a sign that the country remains polarized politically.

A second poll, published Sunday and conducted by YouGov for CBS, was more favorable to the US president, with 58% agreeing to his action, compared to 42% who disagreed, but people who had no opinion were not considered. account.

About 72% of Americans polled by YouGov have a positive opinion of how Joe Biden and his government have dealt with the coronavirus vaccination campaign. They are 64% in a survey published by ABC’s Washington Post To take a positive look at its approach to the pandemic.

In contrast, only 43% of citizens polled by YouGov agreed with the president’s immigration action, the topic on which Joe Biden had the worst score, by far. In ABC and Washington PostHardly more than a third of respondents (37%) view positively their management of the migration issue.

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