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There is life after working at the most famous police station in television history. Here’s what awaits some mainstays for District 31Once the series is over.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Luc Dion (Writer)

Luc Dion may have finished writing District 31 At the beginning of March, it did not completely “take off”. However, the author revealed in an interview that he found a natural rhythm to life, free from the stress of having to deliver episodes every week. Details surrounding his project for a 24-episode series a year titled DPCP (to the Director of Criminal and Criminal Prosecution), kept confidential. He’ll really indulge him in a few months. “I’ll start in September, after Labor Day. I know a few actors. I know where I’m going.”

Vincent Guillaume Otis (Patrick Bissonnette)

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, the press

Vincent Guillaume Otis

Vincent Guillaume Otis will play the title role Nürburg, a thriller about the Vincent Lacroix affair, which will be released in theaters on Friday. In September, he will return to the stage in a play that will be announced soon. He also cherishes a feature film project “very poetic and sweet”. “I have a lot of possibilities, but I want to take my time,” the actor says. I need to recharge my batteries to last a long time. The past six years have been very tough for me. I just didn’t District 31. I’ve done production, shot a movie, and have three kids, one of whom is aged distracts ! »

Michel Sharett (Bruno Jani)


Michael Sharett

Michel Charette’s schedule will remain very busy. In the summer, the actor – together with François Chenier – signs a performance of a play that will be shown at the Théâtre Hirondel in San Mateo-de-Belgel (At the Institute). Starting June 20, he will be hosting a comeback show on Rouge FM with Jessica Parker, weekdays from 4pm to 6pm. Then he will shoot in the second season of happinesswill return to the stage in The real world? Written by Michel Tremblay (European tour planned), he will prepare his first comedy show with ComediHa! Which we anticipate for 2024, and we will continue to write – still with François Chenier – a series for Bell Media. “I have a lot of projects, but everything suits everyone. End of distractsFor me, it is an opportunity to do my job 100%. It really is a triple! »

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Fabien Laroche and Michel Trudeau (producers)


Produced by Fabien Laroche

The pair go on to pursue several head-to-head projects, including three sequels: happinessAnd no date And reasonable doubt. On the new side, let’s mention the journal that will replace it District 31, a medical series starring Suzanne Kleiman. We can also talk about a psychological thriller in six episodes entitled closed eyes With Magalie Lépine-Blondeau for ICI Tou.tv’s Extra. Filming is scheduled to begin in early May. Finally, let’s point out with a beating heartThis series, by Danielle Trotier, is derived from foreverwhich will center around the character of psychological educator Christophe Lallier, and defended by Roy Dupuis.

Catherine Saint Laurent (Nouil Saint Helier)


Catherine Saint Laurent

Her agency assures that the actress will soon be returning to movie sets, but that’s all she can reveal for now. In an interview, the actress indicated that after four years of career stability, she calmly regained her position as an independent worker. “For an actor, it’s normal to be a little bit into the unknown. Before distractsI always lived without knowing what my next project would be. Still happy to reconnect with everything. »

Frederic Cloutier (Jerome Langevin)


Frederic Cloutier

The actor, one of the few who participated in District 31 Since the beginning, he continues to lend his voice to various projects, such as advertisements. As a father, he plans to run three marathons over the summer, as well as a triathlon in Lac-Mégantic. Finally, he wants to get roles with more airplay. “After six years of everyday life, I once again became a freelance worker. I was very fortunate with distracts, but I’m very excited about the idea of ​​auditioning again, and chasing other types of roles. For six years, grant me judges, lawyers, and serious personalities. It would be fun to play the bad guys, and have them have roles in the composition. »

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Cynthia Wu-Maheux (Da-Xia Bernard)


Cynthia Wu Mihawks

The person who currently plays in classified secretA new spy series from addikTV should hit the stage at Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui next winter, she reveals. In 2023, a star will also participate dreamer in bathroom, based on an original text and produced by Hugo Bellanger, which will be presented at Théâtre du Nouveau Monde. Will you embark on a new daily series? She answers, “Maybe not immediately.” I need to take a break. To find another rhythm. »

Daniel Mitot (Director)

Photo by Alain Roberge, Press Archives

Director Danielle Mito with Fabien Laroche during the filming of the first season of District 31in 2016

coordinating manager District 31 She did not have much time to mourn the end of the detective drama as it would direct the daily news for Radio Canada, by Marie-Andre Labe (too muchAnd no date), produced by Aetios and A Média (YouthAnd Discussions with my father) and starring Susan Kleiman. Pre-production meetings are already in full swing. We discuss sets, costumes, casting, etc. “We are very excited,” she says. It’s very exciting. We use everything we get distracts to go further. We want to change the visual invoice. We are going somewhere else. »

Gildor Roy Daniel Chiason

Photo from .’s Facebook page Area 31

Gildor Roy portrayed Commander Chiason for the duration of the series.

The actor and singer will move from one daily newspaper to another because he will be hosting the tower Next fall on TVA. He will succeed Patrick Howard, who has held the reins of the talk show since September 2020. He also wants to resume his music career, which was interrupted years ago. At the party to mark the conclusion of filming District 31Last month, Gildor Roy surprised his playmates by taking charge Move it again By Hank Williams, transcript by George Thoroughod and the Destroyers, with Marc Fournier (Yves Jacob). “It was a good gang, a damn good gang.”

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