Precious memories from the first Disney movie set in Newfoundland 36 years ago

Madeleine Florent remembers well the Disney directors and technicians who arrived in Newfoundland in 1985. She was even invited to the festivities marking the end of filming, in Baie de Verde.

When I heard the news of Disney coming to Newfoundland to shoot a movie, someone said on the radio that this was Disney’s first time here. I remembered that no, actually, it wasn’t the first time and that they came in 1985. I was lucky enough to be involved in it.

Quote from:Madeleine Florent

from residents Torbay He was a friend of Emile Benoit, a famous violinist on the Port-au-Port peninsula. Disney recruited a musician to participate in a 360-degree movie titled Canada pictures and narrated it Christopher PlummerIt was shown at the 1986 World’s Fair.

Watch the movie Canada Pictures in 1985 :

It was a series of vignettes, where we went to see what people were doing in Igloolik, in the Bay de Verde, elsewhere in Canada. That was the concept, explain john houston, who crossed Newfoundland for Disney in 1984 to find the perfect setting to showcase this eastern province’s nautical culture.

complete production

A year later, the Disney crew filmed pictures of fishermen in the Bay de Verde launching their boats. The entire village, even the priest who blessed the fleet, was enlisted to participate in the elaborate photography. Later, Disney portrayed popular musicians, including Emile Benoit, who entertained fishermen at the end of their workday.

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To create a 360-degree movie, the team used 9 cameras that rotate at the same time. director, Jeff BlythHe had to be bent under the cameras so he wouldn’t be in the shot.

If we had been a documentary crew, we could have taken our pictures and filmed what we needed to shoot very quickly. But with all the equipment and logistics it was like we had an army, tell Jeff Blyth, based in California.

unforgettable welcome

Jeff Blyth And the john houston They say they cherish the memories of their stay in the Bay de Verde. They say that when they were looking for a headquarters for their team, the mayor offered them their office. When looking for housing, many residents offered them their homes.

In Bay de Verde they gave their time, and invited us into their house, it was something you don’t see anywhere else. I’ve been shooting all over the world, but there is something really unique about Bay de Verde. It would be impossible to forget their welcome, destined john houstonShe added that Disney had purchased communication equipment for local firefighters to thank the village before boarding the plane.

Madeleine Florent missed the nearly 10 day shoot, but remembers the festivities that marked the end of the Disney crew’s stay in the Baie de Verde.

I was working federally and they didn’t want to give me a day off, so I got up at 4pm and got just in time to party., you remember.

What I remember the most was bowl by fresh crab. Gosh, Yeah. I really like crab […] And in the Bay de Verde it is famous for its cancer, so the whole village was invited to the party. Walt Disney had pushed a big party, and the village was very excited. It was really special.

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