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Publication: An Army of Bikers is a thrilling science fiction novel by Amandin Kotrot

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Amandine Cutro, who has ties to Saint-Jeures, publishes “Une Army de motards”, a Sydney Laurent sci-fi novel set to full swing in Yssingelais.

“An Army of Motorcycle Riders” is the title of this first book of thirty things from all the multi-talented trades with roots in Saint-Jeures. Amandin Kotrot, singer of the time, currently working as a teacher at the Music School in Paris, she will see herself in the customs department and prepare for a competition in this direction.

Dedicated to auto and motorcycle teachers

It provides the curiosity of a reader who loves shaggy adventures, a set of comic anticipation that can be read on Earth. From the start, the dedication raises a certain surprise. In fact, the book is dedicated to Frank (Bonnet) and Dennis (Raymond), his “excellent” auto and motorcycle teachers who taught him “good or bad, stick to four wheels and then on two wheels”. The foreground is by Christian Saron, the famous pilot of Auvergne, 250th world champion cm3 In 1984, he was awarded the Bol d’or Prize in 1994.

From Saint-Gabriel College to Clé à Molette College

We let you browse 160 pages to discover how Saint-Gabriel College in Yssingeaux would, through unlikely adventures, become Clé à Molette College.

The author explains this sudden desire to take the pen with a strange and piercing dream, “where the rules for a motorcycle license have changed dramatically and where France was under the control of a Russian government that was about to go to war against China.”

“When I do something, I strive to achieve it. I wrote this novel very quickly. To my amazement, I found a science fiction editor just as quickly.”

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Nothing is going well in France, since Russia entered the European Union and the new French-Russian president came to power. The repairs are raining: Motorcycle license under army control, forced idle day, home sofa repair …
That’s way too much for motorcycle trainer, Roman Desero, who decides to go into resistance after spending the night in a conscious activity dungeon. With the help of his friend, Jonathan Vallard, he founded the Confrérie de la Clé à Molette, a secret society aimed at saving technical knowledge that was endangered by the government.

A skirmish with frozen peas

The confrontation then begins between the Brotherhood and the government, which immediately sends a political inspector in charge of stopping the resistance … the chase of race, the motorcyclists, the hateful traps, the torture of the book, the assassination attempts, the biodegradable motorcycle, the death squads skirmish with the frozen peas, the Brotherhood attack A large part at this moment of the impending war against China …

Practical information

Amandin Kotrot Sydney Laurent’s book “Une Army de motards” sells for 16.90 €. To find it in your usual bookstores.

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