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WhatsApp wants to reassure its users about its privacy policy through the platform

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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A while ago, WhatsApp said it would update its privacy policy. This update will allow companies that use WhatsApp for customer service to store their chat logs on Facebook servers.

WhatsApp users fear the privacy of their data

But considering Facebook’s lackluster reputation for Privacy and data protectionIn fact, many WhatsApp users have concluded that WhatsApp will share sensitive information with Facebook.

The company denied these misinterpretations and proceeded to prepare a FAQ page to explain the changes the update will bring. Additionally, WhatsApp has decided to delay adopting the update from February until May. In order to reassure its users about Adhere to their privacy WhatsApp has allowed it to be known, directly in the articles – equivalent to Facebook stories – that it cannot read or listen to personal conversations. Because it is end-to-end encrypted ».

But this is clearly not enough to reassure WhatsApp users, many of whom have turned to Signal and Telegram.

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