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Qualcomm: The first computers with the Nuvia chip, the M1 competition, for the end of 2023

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The first computers equipped with a future Qualcomm chip based on Nuvia’s work will be released by the end of next year. Cristiano Amon, CEO of the founder, has explain During the presentation of the company’s results, the first beta versions of this chip will be sent to partner manufacturers in the second half of 2022, which will make it possible to learn more about the power of the chip.

Credit: Qualcomm

Nuvia, a startup created by Apple alumni, was acquired by Qualcomm In January 2021. Originally, it was about developing ARM architecture chips for servers, but the new owner wants to cross swords with Apple and the M1 chip in consumer products. A month after the acquisition of Novia, Cristiano Amon did not hide his ambitions:

Qualcomm is promising a chip as powerful as the M1 for Mac, with previous Apple help

It must be said that Qualcomm’s previous attempts at the ARM chipset segment for Windows have given mixed results, to say the least, including with models developed with Microsoft (SQ1 and SQ2 for the Surface X). A far cry anyway from the performance of M1-equipped Macs.

Last November during a Qualcomm conference.

This commercial launch scheduled for the end of 2023 is in line with the roadmap It was announced last November. However, the foundry may be a train behind Apple, which will have spent a second with the M2 chip.

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