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Québec Cinéma and Netflix unveil the winners of the show for the next generation

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Les six duos de passionnés et passionnées du cinéma qui participaient à l’événement ont bénéficier de mentorat ainsi que de l’accompagnement de personnes travaillant dans l’indust du cinéma en vue de préparer un pro de long métrage et vente Offers.

The jury, also made up of specialists in the audiovisual world, was responsible for judging these various projects and selecting the duo that presented the most promising project in their view.

This is the movie project Cleats Who received this honor, we learned on Friday. It is the idea of ​​Miriam Charles and Valerie Bah. The first is his filmmaker – Fly, sadness flies And the Three atlas, Among others – she was presented in various festivals in Quebec and traveled around the world. The second is a screenwriter and cinematographer particularly associated with projects related to alien and black identities.

Several notable guests, including director Emile Goudrault and General Manager of Québec Cinéma, Ségolène Roederer, participated in this first edition of the event, in particular to deliver the master’s classes.

Netflix Agreement

The La Forge Québec Cinéma program consists of a series of activities provided to pairs of selected filmmakers that cover the entire creative process surrounding making a film, from script writing to editing. The goal: to help train the next generation of Quebec filmmakers.

Netflix, which hosts the event, did not disclose how much it was financially involved in the partnership with Quebec Cinema when it was announced last November.

In 2017, the live broadcasting platform pledged to invest $ 500 million over five years in Canadian production and allocate $ 25 million to support young Canadian talent in an agreement with the Canadian government, which ruled out the idea of ​​taxing the services of the American giant.

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